Human interaction: The secret ingredient to audience engagement

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Peter Korpusenko, CEO at live games provider, TVBet, explains why face-to-face interaction is so fundamental to the gambling experience, and why firms would be wise to incorporate it online wherever possible.


People worldwide have always been attracted to casino games, which explain the global interest in Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, etc. When several years ago, the gaming business migrated to the online world, millions of casino fans followed them – but confessed that they missed human interaction when paying on the internet.

A lack of face-to-face interaction with a dealer is indeed a problem for punters. That is why online casino and betting operators have started searching for a solution to increase the players’ engagement. The solution was found in games with a live dealer.

Of course, lotteries and card games wouldn’t have such a huge success all over the world without dealers. Some say that 90 percent of the live-games’ success belongs to attractive hosts, also called TV presenters, who make the gameplay so enjoyable. When a beautiful lady in a skinny red dress with a charming voice leads a game, the male players just can’t get away from the screen. No wonder that the primary audience of online casinos is men over 18.

The explanation of why people choose live communication is pretty simple: people have a lack of trust in a lifeless machine, but when a real person rules the process – that’s a different story. Players attest that the presence of a live dealer makes them feel safe about a fair outcome because a charming presenter just cannot cheat. Both beginners and high-rollers don’t hesitate to bet big as they think that a host plays on their field.

According to TVBet, the leading provider of TV-games, players literally fall in love with their products after they try Poker, Joker, Keno, and the company’s other eight games in the live format. Due to the exclusive broadcasting technology, the gameplay occurs in the full HD with 4K resolution. Captivating mechanics and unique studio design make the players hold their breath while they are completely involved in the process. The best thing is that live-games by TVBet are highly dynamic. As a rule, a game round lasts two to three minutes that doesn’t allow the players to get bored.

TVBet’s rep admits that sportsbooks and casino operators shouldn’t underestimate the importance of human interaction because live-games have already proved themselves as a very effective tool to engage the audience and attract more players. Moreover, land-based casinos also evaluated the benefits of fast games’ integration. Currently, an increasing number of traditional casinos tend to include live dealer games to their collection. They have special studios equipped with large screens, where visitors can try their luck in live Poker, 1Bet, War of Elements, etc. Now, players don’t have to crowd around a table, instead, they can enjoy a game in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

It is fair to say that live-games have indeed revolutionized the iGaming sector, and every reputable sportsbook or casino operator shouldn’t miss a chance to please their audience with this mind-blowing tool. As a global B2B provider, TVBet currently presents its products to 130+ partners in Europe, Asia, CIS countries, and Latin America. The company also expands its presence on the African market.

By offering a set of additional marketing tools to its regular clients, TVBet’s team boosts demand on its products with further bets increase. These are original tournaments with nice bonuses, different types of Jackpots, cashback options, and much more. According to the company’s data, the majority of players will choose operators with a nice bonus system. Nothing stimulates the gamers’ engagement as strong as a chance to win a prize or hit the Jackpot.

Simply put, sportsbooks and casino owners should keep in mind that when players come to their websites, the most important thing to do is not to let them get bored. Once a visitor loses his interest in your services, he will leave and never come back. To prevent that from happening, it’s vital not to forget about such a magic ingredient as human interaction during gameplay. Live-dealer games by TVBet will help make it real.

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