Play’n GO: “New” isn’t always enough…

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Innovation is important, but you can’t stand out just by “being different,” writes online games supplier, Play’n GO. A focus on quality will always last the test of time.


Throughout history, new companies have always popped up and disrupted the status quo. In more recent times, brands like Netflix, Uber and Apple have all changed the landscape with their push to the forefront. Sometimes offering something new is enough to get people interested and carve yourself out a niche in your chosen industry.

iGaming is different, the industry’s booming right now and, over the last decade or so, new companies have cropped up all over the place and continue to, to this day. There are no shortages of new products and new people looking to make their way in the market.

If you look at a developing region such as Latin America, surprisingly, newness becomes even less of a factor. The sector is growing, and everyone is turning their attention towards it. In an arena where everybody is new, nobody is. You can’t rely on the boost of being the new face on the block to help lead you to the peak of the competition.

In the same way, you can’t stand out just by “being different”. Different doesn’t automatically mean better and, with so many companies emerging, everyone is bringing something slightly different to the table; it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. It seems that something like LatAm presents a different type of challenge to the industry.

So, if it’s not enough to be new, and not enough to be different, then what can you do to stay one step ahead of the competition? The answer, quite simply, is quality.

People these days are very discerning; they know what they want, how they want it, when and where they want it. In an age where people can satisfy their wants without even leaving their homes, consumers have become savvy at taking the time to find exactly what they want. Players are no different; they know a good game when they see one, and won’t be fooled by bright lights, flashy colours or a fancy graphic, players want substance, they want enjoyment and, above all, they want an experience.

Quality is a foundation of what we do at Play’n GO, a cornerstone of our creativity and our output at all times. This has driven us to the industry’s forefront, and we remain there due to excellence in what we do.

From our innovative grid slot titles like Viking Runecraft and our latest offerings like The Sword and the Grail and, more traditional content such as Mystery Joker, we have cultivated a history of excellence with our releases.

Our quality has partnered us with several of the largest operators in the world, all experiencing the benefit of working alongside us. Our portfolio of content is one of the most recognised in the industry and, over the years, it has led to us being recognised with a number of awards throughout the industry. This has including winning the IGA Slot of the Year three years in a row and also having our slot Legacy of Egypt voted as Slot of the Year by actual players at the AskGamblers Awards.

However, while it’s nice to be recognised for our efforts, our games really speak for themselves. Stunning, graphics, immersive gameplay and multi-channel capabilities are just some of the reasons why our games resonate with audiences around the world and why we’re responsible for some of the most profitable games on the market today.

We take great pride in creating engaging content, that will entertain players and offer real value to the operators that we partner with. When all is said and done, we realise that our games reflect who we are as a company and we only put out titles that we know we can be proud of. So, while ‘new’ might be okay, quality will give you more.

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