1xBet: Strong partnerships hold the key to affiliate success

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With 1xPartners winning the SBC Awards ‘Most Innovative Affiliate Program’ last year, the 1xBet affiliate team talks to iGaming Times about the importance of communication, reputation, and technology in its market-leading cooperation scheme.


iGaming Times: How important are affiliates to the betting industry and, in particular, 1xBet?

1xBet Team: The role of affiliates is important not only in the gaming industry, but also in all other commercial areas.

Our affiliate program has always been a two-way street, as originally planned. We get quality promotion of our product from partners, and in return, they receive favourable income.

So far, no one has come up with a more effective cooperation scheme, and we constantly receive positive feedback from our affiliates. It is very important to retain a solid reputation not only on a global scale but also with partners who we have to work with daily. We greatly appreciate the partnerships that we have established over the years.

IGT: What does 1xBet look for in a partner, and what do affiliates look for in an affiliate program?

1xBet Team: We clearly understood that working with partners allows us to establish high-quality communication with our audience.

We really wanted to create a global system that would help to promote our brand systematically and consistently. Now our partners reach an audience of millions. Working with such professionals is always a pleasure, and we are confident that our customer growth will continue thanks to such reliable partners.

The motivation of affiliates can also be understood: everyone wants to collaborate with a well-known and trustworthy brand. We maintain a high standard of quality, with timely payments and good commissions being significant factors.

IGT: What were the biggest challenges for the industry’s affiliates in 2019?

1xBet Team: During the year, the industry underwent many changes. It was very important to keep track of trends and adapt them to the betting market.

More and more affiliates began to promote esports. We have long worked towards this, engaging with affiliates and drawing their attention to the prospects of specific products.

Together, we have achieved an influx of users who are interested in this sector. This is just one example of why it is important to monitor trends outside the betting sphere in order to apply them within it.

IGT: How does 1xBet assist its affiliates to overcome these challenges and reach their target markets?

1xBet Team: Working with partners involves constant contact and dialogue. Force majeure situations can regularly occur, during which flexibility and understanding are essential.

For example, we all remember the scheduled fight between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov, which eventually did not take place. Naturally in such situations, we endeavour to help partners direct traffic in a different way.

There is a blog on the site of our affiliate program in which we regularly publish various life hacks on how to effectively promote the product and increase traffic. You can also get help in real-time, as we have a support service and personal account managers. It is always important to quickly find a way of assisting partners.

But we don’t simply wait for partners to address problems themselves, we also try to prevent possible stumbling blocks. Different channels of communication that we utilize enable us to promptly inform partners and help them with various issues.

In business cooperation, it is always important to jointly overcome problems and find viable solutions together.

IGT: What feedback have you received from affiliates over the last year?

1xBet Team: The feedback has been incredibly positive from our tens of thousands of partners – and that number is constantly increasing. This is an indication of success and our continued dedication to partnerships.

We try to attend not only major events and exhibitions, but also local events. These are good opportunities to meet with our affiliates and chat. It is always very important for us to receive feedback about our work. This allows us to more accurately determine in which areas we still need to develop.

IGT: How do you plan to continue to support and help grow your affiliates in the future?

1xBet Team: In an affiliate business, results are very important. And if for us it is the referred players, while for the partner, it is the financial component. We have implemented a system of weekly payments, which allows each affiliate to instantly reap the benefits of cooperation with us.

We also pay close attention to the technological aspect of the affiliate program. Our partners have access to detailed statistics, which enable tracking of the dynamics and effectiveness of working with us.

This approach allows each partner to determine the most effective way to cooperate with us.

This vital part of our strategy is part of the reason 1xPartners won the SBC Awards ‘Most Innovative Affiliate Program’. We would like to keep the bar at the highest level, and as such, we are already working on new technical innovations. In addition, we are in contact with partners and are always ready to try help in any way possible.


1xPartners is an affiliate program of 1xBet, one of the world’s leading bookmakers. Profitable commission, weekly payments and quality service have attracted more that 30 thousand partners from around the world. You can join the program at the link – https://1xbetaffiliates.net

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