TVBet: Betting options on live-games to hold the casino player gaze

TVBet Live Game table game
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TVBet continues to bridge the divide between casino and sports betting genres – adding unique and adjusted in-play odds to the tried and tested table game portfolio.


The modern gaming industry isn’t short of creativity and progress. Perennial improvement to the product line has long been recognised as vital for casino providers to reach new clients, lift their volume and stand above the competition – leading to a steady outputs of new titles across the sector.

However operators have increasingly yearned to provide a fresh perspective on traditional casino games.

When we think of casino products, we often think of games with pure mechanics, characterized by more dynamic play and immediate actions. Betting on sports events, on the other hand, relies on outcomes that arrive much later.

There are indeed many differences between casino and betting products which each attract certain types of player. For example, in the online world, it’s typical that table games and lotteries will not have many options for players to choose from due to their relatively narrow specificities. Sports betting companies can offer significantly more choices for their clients, while most of the casino games providers cannot even make it possible to provide operators with in-play betting.

For this reason, more recent efforts at innovation in the casino space have focused on betting diversification.

At TVBet, we have been doing exactly that – with an in-house team dedicated to giving players a new angle from which they can access and engage with casino game mechanics.

Traditionally, in the process of creating their product, most providers follow a pattern, where the player is the central figure, the one who performs the actions, whether it be spinning slots or playing hands of poker. TVBet, in turn, has abstracted from this process, by redesigning it from a third-person perspective. Thus, each of its games is a live broadcast, where all the actions are hosted by charming dealers. At the same time, players are welcomed to watch the events and make their wagers on the air.


More and more players prefer betting on such products due to the well-known rules and immersive gaming experience. At TVBet we’ve found that within just a year of intergation, the share of our games reaches 25-30 percent of the total amount of bets. This is not surprising if we take into account the variety of betting options we provide across 11 fast live-games.

Let’s have a closer look at some of them. For instance, the War of Elements: with its easy-to-understand mechanics, there is a huge variety of odds on each game. The two elements, fire and ice are competing in a card duel. The TV presenter welcomes players with each new draw. First, the player gets the card and then the presenter does the same for her. However, if we take a look at the odds, we don’t need to just predict the winning one. Everyone can choose among several options such as:

●Winning options – who will win, as well as the suit;

●Suit – the options where you have to just predict what suit corresponds to a player/ dealer;

●Colour – red or black;

●Value – selecting among options with a total.

Another one is PokerBet. Everyone’s favorite game appears before us in reinvented mechanics. There we see six virtual hands to which cards will be dealt, according to Texas Hold’em rules. Unlike the traditional vision of this game, you don’t have to beat the opponents, but instead choose the right outcome among several options. Moreover, additional in-play betting options pique players’ interest in the process even further: unlike their competitors, live odds are adjusted after each draw at TVBet games, making it an infinitely more fascinating game to play. Choose among all the hands which one will win, or bet on combinations.

Overall, the company now broadcasts 11 games worldwide, and more than 100 operators are already cooperating with us. The main reason for this is a unique offering. Besides, each of TVBet’s games has jackpots, that present an opportunity for a significant winning bonus for every player.

Our goal is to improve the market expansion and profits of our clients, and we do that by taking every single detail into account. Products with greater involvement will always encourage new clients to try it. And the fact that some products are more advanced technologically than others, simply cannot be avoided.

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