Yggdrasil and Black Cow in strategic global game deal

Yggdrasil Black Cow game
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The GDK platform will be integrated with Yggdrasil’s GATI to power YG Masters program – allowing studios and game developers a rapid route to global markets.


Black Cow is to integrate its open architecture GDK platform into Yggdrasil’s new GATI solution – the power behind its successful YG Masters Program – giving global and local studios and game developer partners with instant access to game engines and a rapid route to new markets.

The partnership is the first GDK partner for Yggdrasil’s new Publishing division, launched in January 2020, offering customers ‘the keys to its kingdom’ enabling partners to cost effectively and with a short TTM (time to market) accelerate their business strategies, and revenue growth ambitions.

Black Cow will build game engines for best-of-breed studios who join the YG Masters program.

They will achieve this by integrating their Games Development Kit (GDK) platform into Yggdrasil’s new Game Adaptation, Tools and Interface (GATI) solution. Once complete, studios and game developers who were previously unable to deliver their own game engines, will have the fastest and most efficient route to building and distributing content via YG Masters.

The collaboration also means that Black Cow’s existing studio partners can quickly and easily become YG Masters partners, seamlessly porting their games and benefitting from wide distribution and industry leading marketing tools.

“Our revolutionary GATI solution allows studios and game developers to build directly onto our platform, thus benefiting from our global distribution, promotional tools and regulated market adaptors while taking control of their roadmap and retaining complete protection of their IP,” Stuart McCarthy, Head of Partner Strategy & Sourcing at Yggdrasil, said.

“By adding Black Cow’s proven gold standard GDK technology for studios looking for game engine build we believe we have created the perfect goto solution for any game studio looking to quickly, efficiently and securely get their games to market.”

The original YGS Masters program has been significantly upgraded with the introduction of Yggdrasil’s GATI, a disruptor to the existing iGaming industry and part of the new Yggdrasil Publishing value proposition.

GATI is a preconfigured, regulation-ready content development toolkit that powers YG Masters, enabling studios and game developers to use a standardised technology solution to develop and distribute games anywhere in the world.

This means partners can source, build and distribute content and crucially accelerate global reach, finding new ways to increase revenues.

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