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Andrew Cochrane SB Tech Chameleon360
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Having successfully established itself as one of the major suppliers in the burgeoning US market, SBTech continues to break new ground with its adaptive, data-driven and easy-to-integrate iGaming platform, Chameleon360. In an exclusive interview with iGaming Times, chief development officer Andrew Cochrane explains the strategy behind the platform’s success and what’s in store for the supplier in 2020.


iGaming Times: At the end of last year, you closed a new content deal with up-and-coming games developer NoLimit City, adding their games to Chameleon360’s roster. What’s your strategy for finding fresh content for the platform, and what do you look for in a content partner?

Andy Cochrane: As a leader in this industry, it’s natural that we partner with like-minded organisations who have a similar product offering.

At SBTech we work with a host of casino providers, meaning we can offer our partners access to more than 3,000 games. When looking to integrate fresh content, we always want to work with innovative providers who produce compelling content that caters for global distribution. It is important we can constantly offer new games to our operators, and games that are tailored for their audience.

iGT: Data analysis is hugely important in every industry these days, but especially in the data-driven world of sports betting and gaming. How can Chameleon360 help operators both gather and work with this data to get the best possible business results?

AC: At SBTech, we have a mass of detailed data on customer betting trends over multiple years in many regulated territories. This extensive database is applied to inform our development, and it is this foundation of data-led analysis that allows us to continually innovate in the industry.

We have worked extremely hard to ensure that the data within our Chameleon 360 platform is relevant, secure, accessible, and can be exported in a way that works for our partners. Access to this level of data is certainly not ground-breaking in this industry, but Chameleon360 ensures that SBTech partners can securely leverage it – in real time – in the best possible way that can inform and enhance their strategic and business decision- making.

iGT: The industry is moving extremely rapidly, both from a technological and regulatory perspective, meaning that operators often have to adapt fast. How have you factored this need for flexibility and adaptability into the design and features of Chameleon360?

AC: It is important for SBTech to be proactive, from both a technology and regulatory standpoint. Our Chameleon360 technology allows us to adopt this approach, which is essential when working with over 50 partners across 15 regulated territories, who are often looking to expand into newly regulated territories or add new products to their existing services.

One reason so many operators choose to work with SBTech is because our partners can go to market quickly. Our technology is flexible and we are consistently certifying the platform so when regulation allows either one of our existing partners to enter a new territory, or for us to take on an entirely new partner, that is something we are able to manage, as we saw in several US states last year.

This will continue in 2020, as our global strategy will see enter new markets such as South Africa and Latin America, along with further expansion in the US.

iGT: Finally, what are your priorities for the iGaming side of the business over the coming months, both at ICE and beyond?

AC: As a B2B-focused technology provider, SBTech’s commitment to its partners remains ensuring that we can help them further increase revenue through our flexible, customised and secure platform.

We have always been a global company and will continue to innovative in new markets, such as South Africa and Latin America, where we’ll work closely with both new and existing partners. Part of this global strategy means our casino offer will include localised games targeted for these specific regions, and we’ll continue to work with many games providers to ensure we continue to offer a quality product.

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