TVBet: Helping betting operators attract a different kind of player

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Peter Korpusenko, CEO of TVBet, explains how a live games integration can attract consumers from all corners of the industry to your online sports-book.


We live in an era of overwhelming options. And sports betting is no exception. The modern player, wherever they are in the world, can select from hundreds of online platforms. The challenge to stand out has never been greater.

While much depends on your technology, loyalty programs, promotional events, and so on – these vital steps are of little use without a diverse offering that can appeal to a wide range of customers.

For example – we all know there is a significant audience for slot games, or other fast and easy-to-understand casino games. These players tend to have a significant impact on an operator’s GGR, but it can be difficult for betting operators to attract their attention.

So why might this audience be interested in switching to a sportsbook? TVBet may have the perfect solution.


Sports betting may be popular, but there is a vast segment of players, who prefer online or land-based casino games. At TVBet we’ve found a way of catching such an audience and acquiring new customers to your sportsbook: live-games integration.

There are several reasons why casino players don’t switch to sports betting. Firstly it’s about high dynamics that slot games have. The second factor is simplicity, which is why such players prefer to spend time playing games that are easy to understand; betting on sports requires analysis and knowledge of the game, while casino entertainments are created on a totally different basis. Finally, a wide range of jackpots and bonus programs attracts players, providing them with a unique gaming experience.

TVBet’s well-known live lottery games form a bridge to betting operators for other user segments. The B2B provider’s content is represented on the platforms of 100+ operators worldwide. The players are able to enjoy betting in the 11 well-known games, as PokerBet, BackgammonBet, WheelBet, Keno, 7Bet, Lucky6 and others.

Alongside the familiar options of betting on events, a multi-level jackpot system is granted for TVBet players – not to mention the presence of stunning dealers in real-time.

According to the provider’s data, a middle-sized bookmaker can increase its revenue up to 30 percent through the games’ integration. We are now distributing 11 versatile live-games broadcasting worldwide 24/7.


It is undoubtedly profitable to work with a live-games provider. Not only does content enable companies to surpass their competitors in the number of bets, but ends up forming a vital part of the overall offer. At TVBet, the share of our games in the total number of bets of our partners reaches 25-30 percent. The possibility of achieving a third of your volume purely through live-games, would be foolish to ignore them.

Moreover, by integrating the company’s fast live-games, a medium-sized sportsbook or casino can grow from zero to almost half a million bets in just six months. Our experience working with partners shows that this is possible. Such an enticing product leads to commercial success. At TVBet our top partners’ GGR reaches up to E500,000 each month.

Bookmakers with these additional products are ten steps ahead of their competitors.

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