Getting the right tools to truly enhance your sportsbook

Sportradar tools enhance sportsbook
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Approaching new and different markets often requires a major overhaul of your sportsbook, writes Jacob Lopez, CEO of Sportradar subsidiary, OptimaMGS – but this needn’t keep you up at night.


While the growing nature of legalised betting markets across the world creates a number of great opportunities for sportsbook operators, it also presents a number of challenges as well. Bookmakers have the opportunity to expand into new territories, cover new sports and offer new betting options.

In turn, this can lead to an increased customer base, enhanced engagement and, ultimately, improved profits. The process to achieve this, however, can be daunting. And new prospects, as well as increased competition can demonstrate the need for a major overhaul of a sportsbook.

Sportradar makes this more straightforward, acknowledging that the global gaming industry is changing. With more regions embracing legalised betting, operators need to find innovative ways to get ahead and stay ahead.

Over the past two decades the company has invested heavily in technology in order to develop an industry leading product. Last year, Sportradar strengthened their position in the market with the acquisition of the OptimaMGS platform, a move which demonstrates a commitment to technology in a fast moving and ever-changing industry.

The platform is one of the most advanced multichannel products available. Both Sportradar and Optima share an in-depth knowledge of industry needs and technology, which has been developed in-house by each organisation’s team of experts.

Together, this means, operators now have access to a full turnkey solution that can help them build a complete sportsbook from the ground up. In addition, this approach enables operators who are in need of a complete overhaul of their sportsbook to do so with ease.

With cutting-edge innovation comes complete flexibility and ease of use when it comes to product integration. So, regardless of what set-up a sportsbook currently has in place, Sportradar’s offering gives operators the ability to configure the system to suit their needs.

The platform offers thousands of features, which, again, have been designed by the best in the business to ensure functionality and ease of use. In addition, OptimaMGS’ Player Account Management (PAM) Module, which manages all customer information and activity across all channels in real-time, is an integral system with customisable automation based on a world-class Business Intelligence system.

When combined with Sportradar’s Managed Trading Services (MTS), the platform gives operators the opportunity to create or redevelop their sportsbook in any which way they like, with access to an award-winning system, the world’s best sports trading and risk management as well as the most comprehensive betting products available.

Underpinned by the fastest and highest quality data in the industry, together with proprietary-owned software, this is the most reliable way for operators to recreate their own world-class offering.

Built using Oracle technology, with infrastructure that is fully-supported around the clock, the OptimaMGS platform also provides the ability to connect multiple channels across mobile, online and retail seamlessly through the one system.

Again, this gives operators more control and more time to be able to manage their channels using the services, content and design that they require. Finding ways to optimise a sportsbook and ensure it is successful doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process.

With the OptimaMGS platform and Sportradar’s 360-degree betting services in place, operators can be guaranteed they have the foundations to be able to provide a full-functioning sportsbook platform with the services they need to be able to operate in whichever regions they like across the world, whilst attracting customers with the most comprehensive sports and betting coverage available.

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