How to become a live-games headliner in one year

TVBET live games
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Having launched formerly a little under a year ago, Peter Korpusenko, CEO of live-games provider, TVBet, describes how a small group of people with a good idea became one of the leading global players in the vertical.


It is well known that the modern gaming industry is undergoing a period of prolonged prosperity. The market is perennially replenished with new market entrants to casino, while modern technologies and access to the internet continue to remove territorial limitations. It goes without saying that competition among the industry participants is extremely high, particularly for those companies that do not have a clear differentiation. So how should new companies procede in competing with the world’s gambling giants who have already reached all corners of the globe? At TVBet – we provide fast lottery games for sportsbook and casino operators.

Having fully entered the market with our own product less than a year ago, we have quickly became a leader in our sphere with an increasingly global perspective. Originally a small group of dedicated people that had worked in the industry for many years, we decided to get together and create an enticing new product for the betting sector.

Having studied the market dominated by sports betting, slots, and casino games the team agreed to combine them in an all-in-one product.

Accordingly, TVBet’s fast live-games include popular and well-known TV, lottery and card games with a modern twist and in a live format – creating a unique portfolio comprised of KENO, Poker- Bet, Backgammon, 21Bet, Wheel of Fortune, and JokerBet.

The whole set is available for both casino owners and bookmakers that can add them in the form of integration with no setup fees. The product is designed in the form of fast live games where all the events are hosted by charming presenters.

A single game lasts around three minutes, during which people can place their bets live or in advance on up to ten future events. The results have shown that a combination of aesthetic and professional dealers can keep hold of players for a long time, increasing traffic volumes on our partners’ platforms.

Currently, more than 100 operators from the sports betting and casino industry enjoy steady monthly growth of bets and GGR through integration with TVBet.

Furthermore, none of the 11 games suffer from seasonality, as is the case of sports competitions. Bookmakers such as Parimatch, 1xbet, MelBet, 22Bet, Pin-Up, and others understand the value of these live-games generating perennial streams of revenue even during the off-season.

On average TVBet’s share of the yield reaches 30 percent of the total amount of bets sports these betting companies have. It is no wonder, therefore, that we already work with such a large number of operators.

TVBet has since captured a significant market share in the niche of fast live-games for bookmakers and casino operators. While the company was founded in 2016, the official launch dates back to only the beginning of 2019, when the team began to actively engage its partners.

Looking forward we continue to provide significant levels of investment in cutting-edge streaming technologies and certified equipment, as well as global market expansion. For instance, this year the company was represented at more than ten leading gaming expos in Europe, CIS, Asia, and Latin American regions.

Moreover, this success has been increasingly acknowledged by industry experts. In the first year of participation, the team has received accolades from numerous organizations in Europe, such as the BEGE Expo, AGE, LoginCasino Awards, and have recently been shortlisted in several categories at SBC Awards and Global Gaming Awards.

We feel we have the technological superiority, along with game features like 3-level jackpots, cashback, and bonuses – which direct competitors do not have, making us the #1 provider of live-games in the market.

Today the company has grown to more than 150 staff, consisting of its own developers, technical and customer support, sales and marketing, operators and presenters. One important thing to note here is that we have achieved all this as an indie provider: we are not an affiliate of a particular market player.

We’ve shown that the right positioning, along with an exclusive product and well planned promotion strategy, can take companies up to the global level – even in a highly competitive environment. However, this is just the beginning for TVBet.

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