CT Interactive: Content that ‘gains and maintains’ attention

Lachezar Petrov Head of CT Interactive
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Lachezar Petrov, Head of Casino Technology Interactive, speaks to iGaming Times about how personalisation and playability remain the best remedies to a saturated sector.


iGAMING TIMES: CTI has been busy on the show circuit this year. Why has it been important for you to exhibit at so many events?

LACHEZAR PETROV: It’s been important for Casino Technology Interactive (CT Interactive) to showcase our portfolio, and to demonstrate how it’s developed: first and foremost, for entertainment and player engagement. With our online Neon Games series we offer a personalized and tailored experience, and we want to invite others to be a part of it – this time at our stand for SIGMA in Malta this November.

A deep understanding of the player’s journey was the basic foundation on which the Neon Games series was created, and has proven to be a prerequisite for our games’ success in such a highly demanding and competitive online gaming environment. The collective online game catalogue includes 150+ games, available across web and mobile formats. The games are provided via our company’s high end technology solution – Elephant Remote Game Server – that allows operators to deliver a customized player experience, dynamically and in compliance with the changing market requirements and regulations. Along with our Buffalo Universal Jackpot Server, we provide operators with the tools they need to offer great content, and to gain and maintain players’ attention.

iGT: From your conversations at your stand, what are the most common challenges faced by operators at the moment?

LP: The abundance of games available and the changing demands in terms of clients’ preferences are seen as the most common challenges. But here I would say, that consumers are shifting because they want a game-play experience that best reflects their own personality. And we have to answer this need. Original looks and storytelling are strongly valued and sought after by players. So, the online casinos and games should be visually captivating with plenty of rewards, loyalty programs and other ways to engage players in unique concepts. We just launched our brand new loyalty program that certainly will make a difference in terms of player experience and engagement. Our loyalty program includes several levels and the players are offered many possibilities for winnings and rewards.

iGT: Which of your products in particular have been attracting the most interest – and how do they help firms break into a market or stay ahead of competitors?

LP: Since the release of our Neon Games series of over 100 HTML5 titles with different game mechanics, the product has instantly caught players’ attention. Various added spices to the games (in the form of Wild symbols, symbols that give free spins, etc) are crucial fun factors, along with our interactive interfaces, attractive themes, characters and other elements that we use to enhance the experience. In order to keep players engaged, CT Interactive has added even more features, such as a unique Mystery Jackpot that connects the games from the Neon series. The Jackpot is provided by Buffalo Universal Jackpot Server, and enables various configuration schemes.

However, one of the best ways we differentiate user experience from the competition is through rewards, incentives, and now our loyalty program, which is offered through our online gaming platform, Leopard. This engenders another level of affection towards our brand and offerings.

iGT: Where are your key markets today, and where would you hope to be by this time next year?

LP: CT Interactive is steadily positioning itself in the online gaming environment with a series of successful deals made just recently that led to increased market share in European regulated online markets, such as Romania, Croatia, Latvia, Belgium, Switzerland. There are plenty of markets in the pipeline where, very soon our content will be available.

Accessibility and great customer experience are the key elements of our brand identity. Not only do we offer great game titles, but we create loyal fans with our engaging content. The consumer is first in every element of the experience, available with our games. Thus we create the prerequisite for operators increasing their bottom line too.

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