The importance of building and maintaining relationships

PlaynGO maintaining relationships
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Play’n GO have created successful partnerships across the globe, and they identify trust as the most important feature of building relationships. Play’n GO UK Sales Manager, Stuart Trigwell, speaks about how the company’s philosophy if trust is present in all aspects of the business “from in-game tools and features through to 24-hour tech support”.


We thrive on relationships, both professionally and personally. A good relationship enhances our connections to those around us; whether friends, family or work-related. On a psychological level, human beings crave relationships. As social creatures, we crave social connections and positive interactions, so it makes sense that we would want to do this in our work environment as well. Of course, a healthy professional relationship with co-workers and partners not only satisfies those needs but is also a hugely important part of business. Those relationships have to be cultivated and maintained to ensure a healthy working environment and a basis for a fruitful, positive partnership on both sides.

Why are working relationships, so important? Surely business can be handled transactionally, you provide a service and are paid in exchange, job done. It’s a much deeper equation than that, and it’s affected by many different factors, and the foundation of that is built on a good relationship. SO what does a good relationship provide?

The biggest component is trust. If your customer trusts you, then they’ll come back to you again and again. If you offer a new product or take your business in a new direction, they will invest in what you have to offer because you haven’t let them down before. They have to trust not only the people who represent you but the products you provide. Trust is only gained primarily through the quality of what you are offering to your customers; a friendly smile and personable demeanour can help bed trust in, but if your product is sub-par, the whole integrity of your business could be compromised, and there’s no other replacement for that.

A great product engenders that trust, and it is fuelled by many other factors, the more you can provide, the better the relationship is. Supporting your clients is of the utmost importance, whether just by being available to them or giving them the help they need to try something new or attain their targets, it’s imperative you have all bases covered to respond to their needs. Once they see they can turn to you for anything, and that you can support and progress them, the trust levels will increase greatly.

At Play’n GO we believe that a strong relationship is just good business, you can’t have one without the other and, even if you could, we wouldn’t want to. We know our reputation is built, not only on our innovation and creativity but by the quality of the products that those traits have produced. People expect a certain level of greatness from us, and we strive to reach and exceed that level with every new game or product we put out into the market.

Through, research, testing and a vigorous creative process, we hold everything we do to a very high standard, and it has worked. We create some of the best performing games in the market and are a leading supplier in the industry, all because people have put trust in our games and that trust has been well-founded.

When it comes to supporting our clients, we believe you should leave no stone unturned. We want to support them on all fronts; their success is our success, so we cover it all. From in-game tools and features through to 24-hour tech support. We use the latest technologies and techniques to ensure we are accessible for all of their needs.

Our support also goes beyond helping generate revenue through games. Our commitment to being a supplier of choice in regulated markets means we take great care and pride in our regulatory work, and we support our clients in that field as well. Whether guiding them through new markets or just giving advice, we tailor our methods to suit each client specifically.

The fundamental importance of relationships cannot be underestimated in the modern world of business. Industries are so crowded now, and competition is fiercer than ever, so your proposition needs to be able to build stronger, more lasting relationships to ensure your growth and the growth of those you partner with. The maintenance and strengthening of a business can only be achieved through hard work and persistent excellence.

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