BtoBet: Maximise player engagements with player props

btobet player props
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As operators start gearing up for next year’s edition of Euro 2020, BtoBet is providing bookmakers with a sports betting package that reflects today’s punters want for data and analytical information and augmenting their engagement through in-play.

With in-play markets consistently gaining ever more popularity, BtoBet’s Head of Sports Division, Davide Ruggeri said that bookmakers should provide further breadth to their offer by providing markets that instil interest in their players and promote further engagement.

He further stated that there is an ever-growing pool of players that are now more interested in betting on the star players and their statistical performances rather than on the teams. “For most of them it’s a far more engaging and enjoyable betting experience and in-play player props aim to take this experience to a whole new level.”

Ruggeri added buy cipro uk that the player proposition market allows sportsbook customers to bet on any player’s statistical performance in real-time, and the exceptionally low latency at the core of the offer ensures that the player is presented with a very high standard betting experience.

He expressed his thought that whilst goals are of course the most sought after statistic in a football match, shots, tackles and even passes have a higher incidence of occurrence.

“Keeping in mind that the upcoming Euro is also a perfect ‘hunting ground’ when it comes to player acquisition and revival, operators should offer a diverse offering to create compelling new player-focused experiences that occur throughout the entire 90 minutes which eventually puts their brand on a higher level to the competition.”

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