TV BET: The future of live-games

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TV BET crunches the numbers on the global sports betting market – and explains why the future of betting on live games is particularly bright.


“Sports betting is showing exponential growth every year. According to the latest studies of the global market, in 2017 the total gross gambling yield hit $104bn. But many analysts predict that to increase to $155bn by 2024 – which would account for 8.8 percent of the industry’s average annual growth rate.

Furthermore, betting today makes up 70 percent of global gambling income, which is more than all other types of gambling activities combined.

Much of its dynamic growth has been driven by the digital revolution. And one of the main areas of betting content today is betting on live games.

Live-games quickly gained popularity, because fans of gambling entertainment love live chat. In addition, they trust the presenter more than computer programs. According to the survey, among 1000 respondents – 80 percent do not trust slot machines and roulette, and the level of confidence in live games grows every year. About 41 percent of polled players choose live games as their favourite. The reasons are simple: honesty in conducting games, stream 24/7, live coverage of events, constantly accepting bets, high coefficients, and innovativeness. At the same time, we expect an increase in demand for live games by 3-5 percent per year.

The dynamics of live games are impressive, as are the opportunities that TV BET is able to provide for their partners.

On 6 June, we received an award at Russian Gaming Week as “The Most Innovative Company in the Betting Industry”.

We know what the market needs and successfully implement it for our partners.

TV BET currently offers ten of the most popular games in the world right now: KenoBet; 21; BackgammonBet; 5Bet; 7Bet; JokerBet; PokerBet; War Of Elements; WheelBet; and 1Bet.

We also provide the most modern functionality that is available only for TV BET partners: 4k video resolution; 24/7/365 live stream; White label solutions; Multi-betting tools; Jackpots; Customizable in-game announcements; Combination bets; Dynamic odds- the real Ace up the bookmakers’ sleeve; Versatile selection of outcomes; Web, mobile and land-based solutions; Integrated analytics system; Marketing and promotional tools; Risk management tools.

As a result of the introduced innovations, our partners have complete control over profitability, tools for attracting and retaining players, as well as the opportunity to stimulate players with jackpots, bonuses, and free spins.

Our goal is to increase the bookmakers’ revenue. To this end, we have created a holistic and unique system that is capable of raising revenue from zero to millions in a few months.

Having the best offer on the market, we cooperate with the biggest bookmakers in the world, achieving success together.”

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