Pragmatic Solutions: Adding value through customer differentiation

Pragmatic Solutions iGaming Platform
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It’s easy to get lost in the crowd, especially if your platform provider puts their own vision above yours, and doesn’t give you the tools to differentiate. At Pragmatic Solutions, the focus is on flexibility – that’s why no two of its customers are ever the same.


As a habit, iGaming platforms have recurrently favoured a product development strategy that puts their own roadmap first, at the expense of the client’s needs. For modern platform providers, a customer- oriented approach is the result of an industry gap that few legacy companies in the igaming industry consider. At Pragmatic Solutions, we solved this gap by building our core competitive advantages: exclusive focus on our main product and our client’s product requests at the top of our roadmap.


The difference between newer and legacy platforms relies mostly on flexibility and speed. Most of the operators in the online gaming industry still depend on legacy platforms built on outdated code and unable to keep up with the demand of today’s market. Various modifications have been applied to these platforms over time and they’ve become incapable to deliver to the level required by today’s industry.

Pragmatic Solution’s platform was developed for the right purpose, right from the startto be a stable, scalable and dynamic API based common wallet platform, that is quickly-delivered, and integration-focused.


Some platforms providers spend most of their time and resources on building addons rather than developing their core product, meaning that specific client requests can take certain time to be delivered. Pragmatic Solution’s approach includes a straightforward and speedy integration process that takes only a few weeks. Pragmatic Solutions is a flexible, modular and fully API based IGaming Platform. It has over 250 APIs to connect to any CMS, all available for clients to tap into, essentially offering an integration hub where all major providers have been made available.

At Pragmatic Solutions, we believe that the key to success is to focus not only on developing our core platform and its supporting features, but also meeting the industry demands with a flexible solution that enables a fast integration.


Changing platforms has become a difficult process as legacy suppliers apply various restrictions and limitations that can make an integration an extensive procedure. For the operator, this translates into revenue loss and a decrease in business productivity.

Under this premise, many legacy platforms have managed to get away with under-performance, delivering poor service or charging excessive fees. We take this into consideration at Pragmatic Solutions, where we take this in advance as a set cost, with no hidden fees.

To give clients the confidence and trust needed, at Pragmatic Solutions we act in a manner that makes business sense in the long run. We never break long-term trust; we know that having a flexible approach is a sure way to build trusted partnerships which lead to more investment and growth over time.

We do not force our own products over others, and we are always keen to learn what can work for different clients and for different markets. We’re never looking at onboarding a client and then hit them with costly and time-consuming management and development fees. We prefer long-term partnerships as opposed to short-term quick wins.

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