Intralot celebrates WyoLotto success

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Intralot has congratulated its partners at Wyoming Lottery Corporation on surpassing $5.4m in local treasury transfers in FY2019.

This is the highest annual transfer total to the State Treasurer’s Office since WyoLotto launched in August 2014. This comes in addition to the recent Sharon Sharp Award that WyoLotto received for being the lottery that achieved the highest percentage increase in net funds contributed to its beneficiary.

“Since the beginning of our partnership, WyoLotto and our US subsidiary Intralot have worked together to successfully launch the lottery start-up in the US market with 450 retailers, that Intralot assists in managing, training, and recruiting them. Currently, WyoLotto offers four draw games including the very successful $5 in-state Cash Lotto game called “Cowboy Draw”. In fiscal year 2018, WyoLotto sales totalled close to $29m and Cowboy Draw sales represented 34 percent of the Wyoming Lottery portfolio,” read a release from Intralot

Byron Boothe, Acting CEO of Intralot, commented: “The Board, the Management, and the entire Lottery Corporation should feel proud of how much they’ve accomplished in a relatively short period of time. We’re looking forward to providing new ways of fun and entertainment for Wyoming players. Most importantly, we’re excited about generating revenue for the State of Wyoming and contributing to the local community for good causes.”

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