Digitain: ‘micro- innovating’ for a better customer experience

Suren Khachatryan
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As regulations become evermore complex, so must the responsiveness of your platform. For Suren Khachatryan, CCO of independent and multichannel provider, Digitian, “micro-innovations” to processes, product and technology are solving these and many other “pain points” for its partners.

iGamingTimes: How was Digitain received at ICE this year?

SUREN KHACHATRYAN: As a company we are very pleased with the response and have a sold inquiry pipeline and order book coming out of our attendance.
This ICE, saw Digitain increase its stand to the biggest ever in our history of exhibiting. The stand design, which was modern, with clean lines, bright, airy and welcoming, and received positive comments, both from our current clients, new partners and even some of our competitors we have to say.
Our message is simple and encapsulated in our brand tagline – if its iGaming, we do it. That is our brand proposition and it was well received by existing and new partners at the recent ICE Show.

iGT: What was the most significant thing you learned from your week in London?

SK: Team work, without a good team and people within the team, a business shall struggle to make itself known in this business sector or indeed any business sector.
We believe we have a knowledgable and approachable team, who cares about the partner’s needs, not just a sale. We are first and foremostly in the people business, it’s people and teams that deliver on goals: technology is the enabler to those goals.

iGT: What solutions were you clients looking for this year – and how does your product range fulfill this this demand?

SK: Our business sector is very complex and fast-moving. Some of the biggest challenges are related to continued regulatory dictums around responsible gaming and gambling, which affects everyone, both operators and platform providers. We need to work in concert with our partners and regulators to ensure, adhere and adapt to the current regulatory technical standards to allow the brands to enter the particular addressable player markets. So in that regards, as a business, Digitain is always looking to provide solutions at the technical level and operational level as markets become more complex and interdependent.
We exhibited our full roster of sportsbook and casino solutions which are adaptable, customizable and scalable for today’s market needs. In terms of challenges, our team we believe is pretty unique in that we combine over 15 years of operational expertise and technical platform understanding to a client’s needs. One can say we have a 360 degree approach to listening and solving business challenges.

iGT: Looking ahead, how is the market for platform providers changing – and can you tell anything about your own roadmap for innovation in the coming months?

SK: Overall we see a trend to more inclusive development between platform providers and operators, who seek to take more control over their brand and product roadmap. So the lines are blurring in terms of the old style client / supplier in-house or out- source models. This is a market need, not a trend, as brands seek customisation and differentiation at the product and technical platform layers.
In terms of innovations, we prefer the notion of micro-innovation, which is constant improvements to processes, product, technology and solving pain points for both our partners’ and their direct customers, the players. This is all centred on our ethos of improving the customer experience or CX.

iGT: Where in the world will you be focusing your attention in 2019?

SK: 2019 shall be an interesting as we are moving into the start of a new decade. In terms of market opportu- nity, we view the continents of Africa and South America particularly attract to our business model, as each of those regions is introducing robust regulatory and licensing frameworks in order to attract reputable brands. To that end Digitain shall be seeking to establish local offices in these regions and in the UK by the end of this year.

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