60 second interview: Quinel

Quinel igaming electronics interview
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After 10 years of providing a first class service to some of the industry’s most ambitious suppliers, testing house Quinel has earned an international reputation for both quality and speed. The firm’s CCO Pietro Fiorito sits down with iGaming Times for a quick-fire Q & A.

iGAMING TIMES: How would you describe Quinel in one sentence?

PIETRO FIORITO: We are an independent Testing House which offers certification, testing and audit services for igaming companies.

iGT: What is your company philosophy?

PF: The name Qu-in-el comes from Quality in Electronics. Thus we consider the Qualitative standard of our service as our top priority. Quality also relates to our core objective: to satisfy precisely any guidelines issued by regulators. Having said that, we pride ourselves on more than just quality – I’d say that flexibility and speed combined are also extremely important.

iGT: What are the main challenge to a test lab like Quinel?

PF: The main challenges are managing to keep up to date with a fast-paced industry like igaming, especially with new regulatory standards continually being issued.

iGT: What’s your outlook for the next 12 months?

PF: iGaming is expanding, and new regulations are always soon to be introduced, so we must keep ourselves informed and be ready for them. We’ve been well prepared for new regulations in both Sweden and Czech Republic recently – so we’re always keeping an eye on any potential opportunities like these.

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