1xBet: No future for mediocrity in African betting

1xBet Kenya Anton Ogonyan
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1xBet’s expansion boom shows little signs on slowing in 2019. From newcomers to the sector in 2007, the betting company now operates in 50 countries across the globe – and rising. iGaming Times caught up with managing director in Kenya, Anton Ogonyan, about 1xBet’s growth in the region.


iGAMING TIMES: We’ve heard the news recently that 1xBet has become a partner with CAF. Could you tell us a bit more about that?

ANTON OGONYAN: Yes, it’s made quite a splash in the news and we’re really excited about it. The Confederation of African Football is the controlling and administrative body for African association football. 1xBet has partnered with CAF in an agreement to help further promote the sport and their showcase events.

1xBet Anton Ogonyan
Anton Ogonyan Managing Director in Kenya, 1xBet

When we began to investigate partnership possibilities in Africa, we knew it was important that we choose ones that reflect similar values to us. We also needed to find organizations which were well established and could mirror the customer confidence our clients have in us. CAF fit the bill perfectly.

We’ve developed a strong relationship with CAF and it’s an honour to partner with an organisation with such noble ideals. We admire its constant dedication towards the upliftment of football in the region and it’s humbling to play a small role in it going forward. Lives are being changed for the better every day as they strengthen the sports infrastructure with their initiatives.

1xBet and CAF share symbiotic traits that we believe will be fantastic for football in the region. We both have a passion for the development of the almost unlimited potential of talent in the region. Furthermore, the 1xBet brand has an energy associated with it that complements the brilliant football players of Africa.

From a business perspective, the partnership is strategically important for 1xBet. Whilst our brand recognition has grown exponentially within Africa, the CAF tournaments represent an excellent way to consolidate that growth. This landmark agreement will see 1xBet officially sponsor prestigious CAF tournaments in Africa. These include the CAF Super Cup, CAF Confederation Cup, CAF Champions League and the flagship event – The Africa Cup of Nations.

We’ll have a presence on all official CAF digital platforms, together with in-stadium exposure of 1xBet during all official matches. This will come in the form of LED panels, in the interview area, on reserve benches and on the 3d carpet.

iGT: Since CAF contains clubs from different countries in Africa do you consider 1xBet to be the next big brand in Africa?

AO: Well, we’re aiming to be the dominant brand throughout Africa and are off to a flying start. 1xBet is already a pan-African brand and we’ve been growing tremendously in the last year.

In fact, since October 2017, 1xBet has grown 5 times in terms of profit, and around 5 times in terms of player registrations. We are represented in 10 African countries, with licenses in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Congo, Burundi, Mozambique, Zambia.

There’s a long way to go though – we want to bring the fun of 1xBet to as many people as possible in Africa! We feel that customers have a voice and they’ve spoken loud and clear: There is no future for mediocrity in the world of online betting. The best way to ensure great products and service is to turn away from betting sites that don’t offer excellence.

We’re striving every day to improve our product and continue to be the best. I believe customers in Africa will see and appreciate that by supporting 1xBet.

iGT: How has 1xBet progressed during last year in Kenya and as it continues to grow its presence in Kenya will you consider sponsoring any local sport?

AO: Kenya is a very important market for us and we intend to increase our focus and efforts in the region. Our rollout in Kenya has been wonderful.

We are a brand that loves to support not only its customers but also the local communities in the markets we enter. So, we’ll be investigating ways – like the CAF partnership, that can benefit the infrastructure and growth of sport in the area. Not only is the act of giving back hugely satisfying for us, but it has obvious appeal in terms of increasing our brand recognition – so, it’s a win-win!

iGT: In terms of betting, Kenyans are known to focus primarily on football, how are you integrating into the local scene?

AO: Obviously football is particularly popular in Kenya. But, from a betting perspective, a large part of why other sports haven’t gained popularity is simply because customers haven’t been exposed to these markets – at least not with good odds and streaming of events.

Customers in the region have embraced our wide range of markets and the feedback has been phenomenally positive. Furthermore, by offering the best sportsbook, we provide a conduit for players to additionally try our online casino for which we are also licenced in Kenya.

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