Coljuegos finalises Rivalo approvals in bid for better betting

Coljuegos, finalises, Rivalo, approvals, bid, better betting
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Colombian regulator Coljuegos has officially welcomed online gambling company Rivalo to the Colombian market, after authorising the firm’s application in 2018.

Approved in September, the group was granted the country’s 14th online licence, alongside Cali-based firm Alfabet, under the operational umbrella Teclino SAS.
“For us it is gratifying that more and more operators are interested in being part of this great family,” said Coljuegos president Evert Montero Cardenas.
“We want to congratulate Rivalo for integrating this team and articulate the actions that see the management of the Federation and the well-being of the sector.”
As part of the official announcement, Coljuegos also extended the invitation to Rivalo to participate in its efforts to “improve the reputation of the industry, showing what we are and what we really bring to Colombian society.”
“Coljuegos has great potential to generate significant resources for health, employment and taxes, and undoubtedly represents attractive market for domestic and foreign investment,” said Cardenas.
The regulatory body regularly runs workshops with affiliated online companies, designed to remain at the forefront of gambling legislation and cement the positive image of online gambling throughout Colombia.
“Together with Coljuegos we want to support and strengthen a union that is committed to fight against illegal gambling and also with the commitment to continue contributing to the health of Colombians, “said Alvaro Jose Mosquera Ochoa, executive director of Rivalo.
Rivalo will also be expected to contribute to Coljuegos’ initiative to expand the country’s online offering to include live casino games and virtual betting, first launched in 2018.

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