Capturing the attention of millennials

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James King, chief marketing officer at Conquer Casino, highlights four techniques online casino operators can use to attract those elusive millennial players.

Online casino operators have, for some time now, made a lot of noise about the huge, untapped potential presented by the millennial demographic.
A lot of conversations have been had about how they are tech-savvy, comfortable with making online purchases and are not opposed to placing bets and making wagers.
To date, however, the majority of online casino operators have failed to engage millennials in a meaningful and significant way.
Instead of signing up to online casino sites and playing slot and table games, they are still predominantly drawn to mobile games, streaming services and social media.
So, what can online casino operators do to revamp their propositions to ensure they tap into the psyche of this exciting and highly valuable demographic?

First up, operators should refresh their casino game portfolios.

A growing number of game developers are pushing the boundaries to create slot games that are more akin to popular video games.
This includes titles with complex narratives and interactive characters that roam different worlds and universes.
Others are playing around with the math and mechanics of casino games so that the gameplay is more like a first-person shooter than a traditional slot.
And just like in video and mobile games, as well as cutting-edge television programs, some of the latest slots even allow players to influence the direction the narrative takes.
Games like these appeal to millennial players as they immerse them in a compelling story, one which they have some control over, while also allowing them to win cash prizes.

The next thing is to re-think traditional loyalty schemes.

Millennials like to be rewarded in different ways to other player demographics and as such, operators need to re-think their loyalty schemes.
Among this audience, points-based schemes just don’t cut it.
Again, if we look to the world of mobile and video games, players are rewarded for undertaking missions, completing tasks and unlocking hidden aspects of the game.
They are usually rewarded with trophies which in turn can be used to purchase items within the game. They also earn points which allow them to clear levels and unlock prizes.
Some forward-thinking casino brands have already launched mission-based loyalty schemes and to great effect. Others should look to follow their lead.

It’s also important to recognise that millennials like to compete.

Younger generations are a competitive bunch and enjoy the thrill and excitement of going head to head with their rival players.
Slot races are a great way of stirring the competitive beast that lurks inside us all, but in particular the millennial generation.
Combine this with leaderboards and decent prizes and you have everything you need to provide them with the competitive experience they are seeking.
When it comes to prizes, casino operators should think outside of the box. Traditional players may prefer free spins and bonuses, but millennials look for something different.
A key characteristic is the seeking out of experiences, so consider prizes such as once in a lifetime holidays, excursions and activities.

Operators must also leverage the power of YouTube and Twitch.

YouTube and Twitch are two of the largest video content platforms in the world, and millennials are among the largest producers and consumers of these streams.
Operators should look into ways of using YouTube and Twitch to grow brand equity among younger audiences who are active across these channels.
This could include partnering with a popular slots streamer to help promote their brand(s) or encouraging players to share their big wins in order to enter a prize draw.
These are just four ways in which operators can tweak their offerings to help make them enticing and interesting for the younger generation of players.
Individually they will help casino brands be heard above the noise being made by other entertainment options, but for full impact they should be combined.

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