Parimatch’s new look packs a punch as company teams with MMA legend Conor McGregor

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“The ICE-ing on the cake of the launch campaign,” is how Sergey Portnov, CEO of leading global CIS gaming business Parimatch, has described the confirmation of their new ambassador, UFC and MMA champion Conor McGregor, as part of the company’s new brand unveiling which coincides with this year’s ICE London. The new look aligns with Parimatch’s focus on cutting- edge sports and will debut in every region the company operates in simultaneously on 6 February via multi- channel campaign across video, digital, and print adverts alongside a flash mob, billboards and a screening of the new video at show in London.

Since its humble beginnings 25 years ago, Parimatch has transformed into an international gaming network of more than 400 business units and Portnov claims the new branding reflects the bold look and values of the company which is set to make a significant impact at this year’s ICE London. The rebranding will be integrated across the whole business on Tuesday February 6 and on that day everything will change.
Commenting on the rebranding, Portnov explained: “We simply wanted to develop a brand that better embodies the values and personality of our customers and partners. To support the growth of the business we needed to reconsider how we see our customers, who they are, and what our brand is for them beyond just a betting platform. We’ve carried out a tremendous amount of work in exploring our target audience and customers. Using the research, we have been able to create a profile of our ‘typical customer’ who we have nominally named ‘Misha’. We wanted to create a brand that is relevant for Misha; one that is daring like he is; brave like he is; adaptive as he is; bright as he is.”
Parimatch developed redesign of new logo with the Ukrainian agency Banda, following an extensive search with a number of high profile European and CIS branding agencies, impressed by Banda’s portfolio of exciting international brands and their approach to creating unique brands.
“We have timed the launch to coincide with this year’s ICE London and signing Conor McGregor as the first ambassador for our new brand is the ICE-ing on the cake of the launch campaign. Much like Parimatch, Conor McGregor dares to be different. He is a global icon that transcends sport and will lift our brand to new heights in the CIS region reflecting our style, which is best described as ‘dynamic’, ‘boldness’ and ‘motion’. We have aligned our look to the sports and brands that inspire our customers. Bringing more motion, dynamism and flexible layouts have helped convey and enhance Parimatch’s character across our digital platforms.” – Sergey Portnov.
The Cyprus-based company, which covers more than 20 sports and 60 countries, 200 leagues and 600 sporting events every day, developed new integrated communication campaign with the international marketing agency Digital Choo (DC), a strategic partner of Parimatch, which has expertise in the field of iGaming in the CIS region, Europe and Asia. In particular, as part of this campaign, DC shot an advertising video featuring professional athletes, recorded a unique soundtrack and integrated the symbols – vigorousness, ethos of sports and posing a challenge for stereo- types – into displays that correspond to global design trend lines at full breath were hidden. Now, due to elegant lines, acrid forms and vivid neon colors, the brand inspires to win at the first glance. As a result of cooperation, the brand launches a powerful integrated multi-channel campaign to show off new look, including a video advert, a new website, organizing a flash mob and plastering themselves across billboards.
Sergey Portnov concluded: “We want Parimatch to continue to stand out in the sector, inspiring and exciting our growing number of customers across the world. Our brave new look reflects Parimatch’s ambition of being more than just a bookie, but an empowering lifestyle brand; the go-to destination for the latest news, tips and content.”
To find out more about Parimatch’s partnership with Conor McGregor and watch the brand new video communication – visit their newly launched website

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