From FastToken to the Third Eye: A whirlwind year for BetConstruct

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From launching a dedicated data feed provider to developing their own cryptocurrency, 2018 turned out to be a year of major milestones for BetConstruct. Now, as the gaming solutions provider gears up for an even more ambitious start to 2019, here’s a look back at some of their biggest achievements.

For leading gaming solutions supplier BetConstruct, three clear pillars stand at the heart of everything they do: flexibility, transparency and freedom of choice. For them, the ambition is to allow their partners to easily adapt and scale their businesses, offer odds and live streaming on a huge variety of sports events, deliver a range of top-quality live casino products and perform the day-to-day management of their business with ease.
Last year, this ambition was realised with a wealth of new product launches and updates, from tireless activity on the data feed branch of the business to thrilling new developments in virtual and augmented reality and the creation of the firm’s new cryptocurrency and payment solutions.
In March, the company expanded the reach of its market-leading Megafeed platform to create FeedConstruct, a data solutions provider offering four key sportsbetting products – live streams, odds feed, statistics and scouting data – on a single platform. Since the launch of the new brand in Spring, they have hit the ground running, with FeedConstruct offering more than 2,000 markets across 140 sport types and up-to-the-minute scouting data delivered to traders in under a second.
Throughout the year, Feed- Construct built on this success with two major launches: Friend- ship Platform and AJNA. The first, Friendship Platform, was inspired by the boom in live sports streaming and driven by a desire to make this service avail- able to bookmakers of all sizes. Avoiding the crippling rights fees of the past, the new platform – a kind of Ebay for streaming – allows operators to select only the games and tournaments they want, solely for the markets they operate in, making live streaming more flexible, cost-effective and accessible than ever.
AJNA – or sportsbetting’s “third eye” – is a brand-new feed solution that could revolutionise the way data is collected and markets are made. Launched wide acclaim at Sportel Monaco this Autumn, the tool uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to recognise key elements of gameflow and present game data via an augmented live video stream.
Borrowing its name from the third-eye chakra in Hinduism – the chakra linked to a higher consciousness – AJNA delves into elements of the game that are imperceptible to the human eye, delivering insights that be built into exciting new markets.
Elsewhere on the sportsbetting side, new additions to BetConstruct’s sportsbook have cemented their reputation as a market leader with an unrivalled range of content and high levels of player engagement. This year, the firm moved to give players even greater control over their stakes with partial- and auto-cashout functionality and introduced new live trading tools and a 24/7 VIP trading team. In 2019, the company will be approaching partners with an exclusive offer – giving them the chance to sell their own traded matches through the BetConstruct platform.
But while real-life sportsbetting has been a major focus in the past year, BetConstruct has also been working hard on a range of other revenue spinners, such as fantasy and virtual sports. With virtuals proving to be an important growth-driver for many operators, the firm has been working hard on expanding its product range, adding the innovative ‘Penalty Kick’ game to its virtual football product this summer. Meanwhile, fantasy sports continue to be popular, with BetConstruct offering a bespoke development service to produce a fantasy product for almost any sport imaginable.
After months of extensive R&D activity, 2018 also saw the launch of BetConstruct’s blockchain-based cryptocurrency solution, FastToken. Preparing their partners for the online casinos of tomorrow, FastToken allows for cryptocurrency betting, easy access to decentralised games and the effortless integration of existing casino products into the blockchain.
Moving further into the realm of payments, the company also introduced FastShift, a new payments solution that promises to minimise overheads for BetConstruct’s partners. Complete with more than 300 payment methods and a fraud- management tool, FastShift delivers flexibility for customers while reducing transaction fees for operators.
Meanwhile, Spring Platform – the back-office engine that powers multiple branches of the business – also saw a range of improvements last year. All BetConstruct partners are provided with products, tools and services from Spring Platform, which was updated in 2018 with a range of fresh promotional tools and global security enhancements.
Behind the scenes, BetConstruct also remains a leader in supporting operators through the day-to-day management and compliance aspects of their businesses. With the launch of its ground-breaking management tool, Spring BME, the company made administration manageable again, offering full oversight and control of business processes on a single intuitive dashboard.
Spring BME allows new sports- betting and gaming products to be added to operators’ systems with a single click, and also puts a range of marketing, legal, accounting, risk management and bookmaking services at their fingertips.
In 2018, BetConstruct also launched Umbrella, a brand-new risk-management service that takes a close look at player financial history, game style and other factors to analyse their lifecycle and identify potential VIPs from the get-go.
For keeping a finger on the pulse of every customer, whether they’re a new sign-up or a veteran bettor, the company’s CRM tool makes it easy to trace and communicate with players, boosting retention and lifetime value. Last year, BetConstruct integrated its new ‘Customer Journey’ tool, helping operators to monitor the steps their customers have taken through registration to initial deposits and beyond. This machine- learning enhanced tool can provide even more data-rich KPIs and inform better marketing decisions, while urgent promotions and messages can be delivered through BetConstruct’s new PUSH functionality.
Beyond the firm’s ever-growing range of products, the company’s licensing team continue to prepare BetConstruct for entry into a new pool of regulated jurisdictions. Last year saw the company become licensed to supply gaming products to prominent MGA-licensed brands, as well as securing a Remote Gaming Licence from the UK Gambling Commission for its live dealer product. In addition, the company’s retail solutions become licensed in Romania; it secured an MGA licence for its poker product, and its sports- book was cleared for entry in the burgeoning Colombian market. In 2019, BetConstruct is looking to Europe, with the solutions supplier poised for entry into high-growth markets such as Denmark, Italy and Spain.

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