Sky announces advertising restrictions across UK channels

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Sky has announced it will reduce gambling advertising on its affiliated channels to one advert per commercial break.

The self-imposed limit, which will come into effect at the start of 2019’s Premier League season, comes amid wider calls for advertising restrictions.

“Our customers are worried about gambling ads on TV,” said CEO of Sky UK Steven van Rooyen. “We’ve committed to limiting the amount of gambling ads on Sky.”

Bookmaker Ladbrokes has led the call for stricter advertising regulation, with a suggested ban on TV advertising before 9pm expected to heavily reduce marketing outlay and potentially boost high-street activity.

Gambling advertising currently accounts for approximately £200m annually in commercial sales, with the Comcast-owned Sky controlling nearly half of the market.

Though van Rooyen predicted the creation of a television “safe space” at a significant financial cost to the company, Sky Sports advertising slots will continue to be auctioned, meaning low supply may significantly increase operator purchase price.

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