Spanish operators to lose out in proposed advertising restrictions

SPAIN advertisment
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The Spanish government has outlined plans to limit gambling advertising as part of its 2019 Budget submission to the European Union.

The document, compiled by prime minister Pedro Sánchez and members of the Podemos party, aims to place restrictions “similar to that of tobacco products”.

“It is increasingly common that the broadcasts of sports matches of football or basketball are flooded with ads that offer betting live,” said the budget submission.

“[It makes] this activity very accessible for all types of people, including minors, generating serious problems of addiction and gambling.”

The announcement follows similar moves in Italy and Australia to ban gambling advertising, with Italian operators facing a blanket prohibition as of 1 January, and advertising on Australian terrestrial and streaming services forbidden by the ACMA in March.

The Audiovisual Council of Catalonia had previously backed a plan to prohibit gambling advertising on daytime television, which will form part of the government’s budget proposal.

However, president of the Spanish Association of Advertisers Begona Elices has protested that authorities must “leave the advertiser free to announce where he wants to advertise.

“These are the rules of the game of a free and democratic society.”

Following EU consideration, the Budget will be passed to the Spanish Congress to approve.

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