Vigen Badalyan: “Freedom and flexibility” central to every BetConstruct offering

vigen badalyan interview
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This summer, gaming solutions supplier BetConstruct announced that, alongside its award-winning sportsbook, it would be opening up its sports-betting offering to products from third-party suppliers. The iGaming Times spoke to CEO Vigen Badalyan about the thinking behind the move, the disruptive technologies of the future, and the importance of standing out.

Never one to opt for the easy route, gaming and betting solutions supplier BetConstruct has once again stepped out of the industry’s comfort zone with the announcement that it will be opening up its sportsbook to third-parties. The move to expand its offering to include products from competitors will give the firm’s partners unprecedented levels of choice, allowing them to diversify their offering to their own customers.

It may seem like a courageous step to many, but according to CEO and founder Vigen Badalyan, the move is entirely in line with BetConstruct’s long-standing goal: offering the highest levels of freedom and flexibility to its partners at all times.

iGaming Times: You recently announced that you would be offering sportsbook products from third parties as part of your service to partners. What inspired you to take such a bold move?

Vigen Badalyan: Sportsbook continues to be the major betting product of BetConstruct. With a huge team of traders covering 30,000 live matches per month for sports and the rapidly growing e-sports sector, it is a solution that makes the company stand out in the market. However, it’s freedom and flexibility that are at the heart of any BetConstruct offering. By opening our platform to third-party sportsbooks we give freedom to operators wishing to use another sports betting product.

IGT: This is something that’s been happening for a while in the world of casino – suppliers offering a range of games from different developers. Why hasn’t it been done in sportsbook until now?

VB: The answer is evolution. The bold decision to open our platform to third-party sportsbooks speaks about our level of confidence that we’ve gained over the years of developing our sportsbook. Now we let our partners decide what works the best for them through our platform.

IGT: Freedom and empowerment is a huge part of BetConstruct’s ethos – and in today’s environment it’s essential that brands can stand out from the crowd. What help can you offer to operators who are looking to find their unique edge in an increasingly saturated market?

VB: When it comes to products and operating models, our offering goes far beyond a spectrum of gaming and betting solutions. BetConstruct is about giving freedom of choice to our partners and providing them with the tools necessary to profit from that freedom. That’s the most important thing that we do. To start a business in no time at all we have SpringBME which opens the door to the vast world of products and services with transparent pricing and a growing number of licences secured from the most reputable gambling authorities. Users of BME can easily purchase a ready-made website from BME marketplace or request a SpringPro version to have their very own team of bookmakers, risk managers and support. To help federations and digital content suppliers turn their videos into a successful business we have Friendship platform of FeedConstruct, a global marketplace of unique sport and gaming videos for the worldwide buyers.

IGT: You recently set out on a global workshop tour. What is the thinking behind this announcement?

VB: The workshops will be dedicated to our data feed provider FeedConstruct. Hosted in several countries at a time, our workshops support the company philosophy of flexibility. We aim to reach out to as many regions as possible bringing our products and solutions. This time we are focussing on helping federations and digital content suppliers turn their videos into a successful business with FeedConstruct. Right now our teams are coordinating workshop programs for each region featuring the presentation of Friendship platform, productive network and a great dinner for our guests.

IGT: Finally, I know you’ve been incredibly busy attending a wide range of trade shows this autumn. Has it been a successful run so far, and what’s coming up next for BetConstruct?

VG: This year we have successfully presented our company at dozens of events and as the year goes on there are more occasions for us to showcase our solutions and fuel the global interest towards them. Attending these events we seek for an opportunity to take a closer look at the markets of the hosting countries and to reach out to the potential operators all around the globe. Expanding our presence to new regions is an excellent opportunity for us to build a successful business with our partners as well as strengthen our position in the region via opening new offices with B2B and B2C support for the local operators. Seeing the development in the Italian market, it is our next goal to deliver localised solutions with all-inclusive marketing tools and 24/7 assistance.

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