Paris High Court maintains Betclic complaint against PMU

Paris High court
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The Paris High Court of Appeals has sustained a 2018 ruling by the French Commercial Tribunal that operator PMU engaged in anti-competition practices.

The state-owned racing firm had sought to appeal the February decision, which found the company had been “abusing its position of influence by enacting anti-competitive business practices,” according to the court.

The judgement related to an original complaint by bookmaker Betclic, following PMU being granted permission to undertake structural changes prior to the enactment of the Republican government’s online gambling bill, set to reduce the state operator’s monopoly.

Betclic maintained that PMU had deliberately delayed on separating its retail and online betting assets for the period 2010 to 2015, postponing the enactment.

The independent bookmaker has claimed compensation of E172m, however it is unclear whether the PMU, which this April announced Cyril Linette as its new CEO, will be called upon to honour that amount.

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