Mecca set to answer bingo’s winner woes with BOB

Betting Business Mecca Bingo BOB
Share this article, is increasing customers’ chances of winning with its latest innovation, BOB, which is set to alleviate the issues surrounding consistent winners in bingo.


The company claims customer’s feedback has focused on ‘the same people keep winning’ and ‘I never win’ as the most common complaint when playing online, Mecca’s Best Odds Bingo (BOB) has been designed from the outset to represent fun, fairness and winning.

The focus of the new game is centred around increasing customers odds of winning. BOB offers five different price and prize points to suit player’s needs. BOB completely redefines the mechanics of an online bingo game, giving a more fair and equal opportunity to all players playing.

James Boord, Head of Bingo for, said: “The digital bingo market in the UK has lacked innovation within the core product for many years, with operators focussing on licensing deals and entertainment brands. We believe it was time someone innovated based on customer sentiment, providing them with a better, fairer experience.

“BOB is a real innovation for Mecca, born from broad customer feedback and bringing the format back to focus on fun, fairness and winning. Everything has been carefully developed with player entertainment in mind. The game is designed to be simple, user friendly and fun.”

Mecca anticipates the appeal will come from the fact that everyone is on a level playing field, there’s no biases towards people who can spend more, given everyone has the same chance to win and attracting interest from customers who enjoy the thrill of winning more often.

Boord, continues: “The game offers something new and exciting, creating the buzz of winning, and winning more often, which in turn offers a more engaging and exciting experience for our players. The hand of BOB is the main feature throughout the game, it allows players to create their own perception of who BOB is and is there to represent being on the players side. The hand lives through all elements of the game from logo through to the individual tickets. Living in a colourful world, created from the Mecca brand colour palette.”

Angus Nisbet, Managing Director of Playtech Bingo said “Bingo in Britain is a strong growth area thanks to innovative products like Mecca’s BOB. It’s a real game-changer and an example of a highly collaborative project between our two teams. With new technologies allowing us to respond directly to customer demands, we are going to be able to create an even better user experience going forwards. We are really excited about our long-term future working together to create more pioneering, dynamic omnichannel bingo products.”

The game can be played online at or on an iPhone via the Mecca Bingo app that can be downloaded from the App Store. The new game is the latest addition to the popular site.

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