BHA warns of No Deal Brexit impact on thoroughbred transportation

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The British Horseracing Association has warned that a No Deal Brexit could pose a threat to the free movement of thoroughbreds through the UK, France and Ireland.

The association’s corporate affairs manager, Ross Hamilton, warned that a poorly managed exit from the EU could endanger approximately 26,000 annual transportations of racing stock.

“What is very important for horse racing sector and in the breeding sector, is to be able to move thoroughbreds’ quickly,” said Hamilton. “Not only for an economic reason, but also on a welfare level as well.”

“At the moment it is a very streamlined process, with the Tripartite Agreement in place since the 1960s.”

However, The BHA noted that though the Tripartite Agreement has been in place over fifty years, its current status as an EU directive may render it open to legal contest after March 2019.

The BHA has been engaging with DEFRA and DCMS departments in order to maintain the current movement structure, particularly highlighting the date of the Grand National 2019, just one month after the official Brexit deadline.

Hamilton added that, from the point of view of the BHA, the UK government “will want to continue things as far as possible beyond Brexit.”

“The question is, whether the European Commision chooses to reciprocate that.”

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