Omnia launched as world-first AI casino offering

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Omnia Casino, the world’s first completely AI casino platform, has launched following over six months of development.

Utilising artificial intelligence to construct the site, as well as a compliance-focused framework, the site

“We believe customers deserve a superior, more responsible and fun online casino experience,” said a statement from the company.

The casino’s industry-first rewards currency Omnia Coins are banked via the site’s Store feature, a loyalty system enabling players to exchange coins to buy in-game additions including free spins, as well as chances to win real cash amounts of up to £5 million.

Designed to maintain as transparent an operation as possible, the platform has been developed by senior gaming executives to prioritise responsibility in gaming.

“The motivation behind building a compliance-led and 100 percent AI-driven casino was about mindset and starting as we mean to go on,” said the statement.

With a founding team led by former director of gaming at Betfair Sam Hobcraft, the mobile-first casino deliberately designed responsible gaming functions, such as deposit limits, to be as upfront and simple as possible.

The next development phase later this year will see players immediately prompted to set a deposit limit during registration.

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