GameSecure launches real-time self-exclusion tool for iGaming industry

Cameron Conn
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Vancouver based company looks to reduce risk to self-excluded iGamers and industry operators

Vancouver based tech company Bencon Technologies Inc. has announced the release of their iGaming voluntary self-exclusion technology solution, GameSecure. GameSecure aims to help at-risk gamblers opt out, not just from one iGaming site, but all sites in real-time. This solution is set to eliminate the imbalance of a player reaching out for help, with local resources and support, and not being able to access that help in a timely manner because of the delays associated with back and forth of offline information transfers from operator to regulators. GameSecure ensures that support is delivered seamlessly across all operators in real-time will deliver the player protection and peace of mind that an online exclusion is truly an online exclusion.

With the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), and as states across the United States continue to approve regulated online gaming and sports betting offerings, the exposure and liability for at-risk gamblers to gain access to iGaming content will only increase. With record fines for not protecting vulnerable players, as evidenced by the fines issued to 888 in 2017 of £7.8m and SkyBet of £1m, it is imperative that regulators and operators implement tools that ensure player access can be blocked immediately across all operations within each jurisdiction.

“We really support this initiative,” said Keith Whyte, Executive Director of the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), “GameSecure provides a timely and much-needed option for regulators and operators to use technology to solve a major problem in regulated gaming today. Currently even well-intentioned self-exclusion programs fail players and operators because they do not provide coverage and support seamlessly across a jurisdiction. We strongly encourage all stakeholders to adopt innovative programs like GameSecure as an ethical and effective way to conduct gaming responsibly and reduce the social costs of gambling addiction.” NCPG is the national advocate for problem gamblers and their families.

Bencon Technologies is currently working with multiple jurisdictions in the United States (and internationally) to integrate GameSecure into their Responsible Gaming Programs as the preferred response tool.

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