BtoBet settles agreements to expand in Peru

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The Peru Gaming Show delivered what had been widely anticipated, with myriad local and international operators attending the conference. And as one of the leading experts in the LatAm market, BtoBet attended this year’s PGS in Lima, meeting various established operators keen on grasping the opportunity to expand or enter the Peruvian iGaming market.

Following in Colombia’s steps, Peru is set to become the second white market in the region. While each region is driven by its own characteristics,the firm says operators must ensure that “they understand all the different attributes and forge their activities based on the knowledge they have at hand”.

BtoBet’s Chairman Alessandro Fried stated that although the iGaming scene in Peru is still in its embryonic phase due to the lack of a proper regulatory framework, it will only be a matter of time since the market enters a fully regulated stage. “Together with some leading operators, we are setting the basis to enter the market once the opportunity arises. PGS has been the ideal setting for us to meet and strengthen ties with prospective operators keen on venturing in the Peruvian market using us as their technical partners,” stated Fried.

He further stated that although the country has vastly improved its infrastructure, particularly in terms of its broadband and mobile technology, there are a number of elements that operators must ensure to place on top of their agenda before venturing in the Peruvian market. “Operators must ensure that their technology is jurisdictionally scalable, and feature a wide range of international payments. All this whilst having a deep understanding of local players’ preferences, and adjusting their activities accordingly.”

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