FeedConstruct to video stream snooker

FeedConstruct video streams snooker
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Sport data provider FeedConstruct adds snooker to the list of in-house streamed sport types.

The offering provided by FeedConstruct has 120+ monthly events, and will be of high interest in Great Britain and the Chinese gaming market where snooker’s popularity continues to develop. To contribute to player satisfaction and retention, the digital content provider is also offering its odds feed solution for snooker.

David Hakobyan, director of sport generic cipro 500mg studio, said: “Snooker is a region-specific game. With almost every major tournament organised either in China or the UK, it still is a pastime game for many and an exciting event to follow and bet on. Recognising the peculiarity of snooker and the demand for it, we created this exclusive offering that features real-time gameplay for a greater player engagement.”

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