Colombia: A pathway to omnichannel eminence

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The newly-regulated Colombian market could be a test bed for a true omni-channel player experience, according to Staffan Cnattingius, Play’n GO’s head of sales in LatAm.

Today’s players are becoming more and more accustomed with converged experiences between retail and online. As a result, operators need to have the ability to cross-sell land-based and online products, especially in markets where players are still getting used to the idea of betting online.

This has been achievable for some time, of course, but up until recently, operators have not been able to stream- line a player’s gaming sessions. The next step for omnichannel is for casino brands to create a single, seamless experience that can be tailored exactly to the player’s needs.


Play’n GO launched OMNY at the ICE Totally Gaming show in London in February. The product allows players to transfer game progress across any land- based or digital device via a standard user profile. For example, if a player walks into a land-based casino, plays on a slot machine and wins money, this can then be transferred to an online account at the click of a button on the machine. The player can then resume playing the same game at a later stage.

This product works perfectly in the modern world, where players have busy lifestyles and may not necessarily be able to commit to long gaming sessions. OMNY allows the player to enjoy a longer session, but purely at their convenience.


One market where this type of product could be utilised fully is Colombia. In 2016, Colombia became the first South American jurisdiction to regulate online gambling. Coljuegos, Colombia’s gaming authority, has since issued six licences, to Mijugada, Wplay, Betplay, Colbet, Zamba and Codere. We debuted OMNY at FADJA in Bogota, Colombia in April.

These operators have an existing client base that can be transferred to their online products. With OMNY, not only can the operator retain the player online, but it also assists with customer acquisition.

From an operator’s perspective, OMNY offers a series of reporting functions that can help track customer data. Game performance, gaming revenue, cash management, bet variances and return percentages can all be measured. The operator can also have full control over game activation, as the availability of games and where they are displayed are provided up to the minute.

The system is compliant with all regulatory requirements in jurisdictions around the world and has multi-language and multi-currency functions.

Colombia can be taken as a blueprint for Latin America, as other jurisdictions in the region come to regulate online gambling. Brazil, a market estimated by KPMG to be worth more than $2.1bn, is working towards regulating online gambling, and this could be another market where land-based operators will need to look for solutions in attempting to retain their land-based players online.

Achievements, jackpots, loyalty schemes, bonuses and free games can now be maintained across all channels, and this can take new online markets like Colombia to the next level.

Operators in regulated online gambling markets need to be actively looking for means to retain their customers online before any new entrants prise them away. Now is the perfect time for them to look at innovations that can help them achieve this, and with the right omnichannel offering, this does not have to be a problem.

Traditionally, it has been difficult to create high levels of customer engagement when the player has not been able to devote large amounts of time to play- ing on a particular game. There will be no more sudden ends to a gaming session when a player realises they have somewhere else they need to be, as the player can simply pause a session to be resumed at their best possible convenience.

Single wallet transactions have worked well in other markets up to this point, but it is now time to take omnichannel to the next level and provide an even better solution for operators and consumers alike.

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