Fadja 2018: A ‘success for the whole LatAm region’, says BtoBet chairman

BtoBet LatAm region
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Last week’s Fadja Expo proved to be a main point of reference for operators in the Latin American market and BtoBet’s chairman, Alessandro Fried, had positive insights on the ever evolving and expanding market in this region.

Fried stated that Columbia was “setting and example” that the whole region could follow.
“Such a strong regulatory scene will in turn guarantee a very good level of protection for both the operators and the players themselves,” said Fried.
He said operators are looking for a platform that is fully compliant to the market.
“At BtoBet, having onboard different operators is a huge advantage. This puts operators in a position to be immediately fully compliant. What this essentially means that our platforms – in the form of Neuron Sports and Neuron Casino – have all the features required by Coljuegos fully integrated,” said Fried.
The CEO also highlighted that Columbia’s strongly regulated online sports betting scene made it “an ideal place” in respect to the other LatAm countries.
Commenting on BtoBet’s presence in the region the CEO said: “What sets BtoBet apart from the competition, and what we had the opportunity to show through our participation in Fadja to all the interested parties that met with our experts present at the expo, is that unlike other companies we don’t offer a cut and paste solution to our customers. We offer a platform with unicity at its core.”

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