Fadja, Colombia 2018: Opportunity to meet leading technological partners

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During the last few years Colombia has certainly set the trend for the Latam iGaming industry. Not only is it the first country to embrace a regulatory framework in this respect, but a number of other jurisdictions in the region are expected to follow suite in the next couple of years.

Whilst this promises to reshape and further strengthen the whole industry in the Latin American region, it also provides operators the perfect opportunity to prepare and shape their activities to enter these new markets once they get regulated.

BtoBet’s Industry Report “Colombia: An opportunity and an example for the whole region” encapsulates this ever evolving scenario that is taking the LatAm region in stride, whilst also giving important insights in regards of what operators need to have at their disposal to capitalize on the opportunity that the region keeps in hold.   

Aspects such as the scalability of the platform in terms of jurisdiction; the ability to meet local players’ preferences; and the ability to handle a wide range of international payments, whilst incorporating multi-currency options are all fundamental for an activity’s success in the region.

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