UltraPlay’s eSports betting cryptocurrency presale breaks record

ultraplay platform presale
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The online betting solutions provider UltraPlay has announced that the eGold presale tokens were all sold out under 24 hours reaching the hard cap before the end presale date 8 February.


The eGold project dedicated to the global eSports betting sector has successfully reached its presale hard cap of 500 eth giving a 20 percent bonus to the ICO members. The first stage of the ICO campaign collected around $500,000.

444,444 EGL (10 percent of the total amount of tokens for sale) were distributed at this stage following the company’s roadmap and vision to provide various incentives to its community.

Mario Ovcharov, CCO at eGold said: “The presale was planned to end on February 8th but we reached our hard cap so fast on the first day, which made us really excited and proud of our project and our community of supporters.

“We would like to thank all who took part in our project now. This is a solid proof of the huge potential that eGold holds for the industry and its members. We can’t wait to start the eGold sale which promises to achieve even better results.”

Following the success of the presale, all interested in cryptocurrencies and eSports can join again on 18 February when the sale of eGold will start. All participants can buy eGold tokens and be part of the ever-growing community of the project. Various bonuses will be available for the community during the first day and week of the sale. The eGold ICO aims to reach its hard cap of 5000 eth (around $ 6 mln according to the current Ethereum price) needed for the further development of the project’s milestones.

Ovcharov added: “eGold token will also be traded on major crypto exchanges soon. We are proud to present our own eSports betting cryptocurrency that aims to become the first-choice payment method for the eSports punters and crypto fans worldwide.”

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