Fried explores neuron gaming ahead of ICE

BtoBet Alessandro Fried neuron gaming QA
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Alessandro Fried, Chairman of BtoBet, reveals the secrets of neuron gaming platform which will be on display at the upcoming ICE London (6 – 8 February, ExCeL London, UK).


Today, competition in iGaming is fiercer and customers are becoming far more tech and online savvy, aware and critical of bad products, how can an operator differentiate his offer from the competition?

It is vital for licensees to ensure the strength and recognisability of their brand and – at the same time – of their brand’s offers and differentiation from the crowd. To do this, a ‘quality jump’ towards flexibility and technology is the only way to go. Consequently, from the myriad of platforms on the market, it is essential to discern the one that best suits operator’s needs.

To confirm a strong and brilliant brand identity and exclusivity of offers, operators need a stable, open, advanced, flexible, scalable platform, tailored for Gaming, proposing scalable solutions for any channel, any jurisdiction and any business model.

You have more than 3,000 games proposed by over 40 top game providers in your platform, how can you drive the players towards the best experience and the best offers in the different markets?

The Neuron Gaming platform is built from the ground up with the operator in mind. It allows a high level of customization in terms of user experience, content and configuration amongst other aspects. These are all elements that enable the operator to build the front-end strategically for his target market, whilst at the same time giving him the opportunity to integrate third party content and configuring all aspects aimed at enhancing the user experience.

Thanks to its sophisticated algorithm, the Omnichannel platform Neuron Gaming allows easy management of operations, ensuring automatic tailored offers to players, at any moment, online, mobile and retail.

Additionally, the advanced Gaming aggregator enables operators to maximize the effort of delivering the perfect offer for an unforgettable experience for the players, proposing the largest offer of games on the market.

You stated before that a strong identity and differentiation are crucial, how is neuron gaming technically facing this?

Our Neuron Gaming platform allows gaming operators to have full management of their operations, of their own front-end, enabling the personalization of their web, mobile, or app presence.

Additionally, it allows the integration of any content related to Games and Betting and also whatever payment method or affiliation system needed for specific target markets. Moreover, it allows the configuration of every single element of the licensee’s system in a very detailed way, or alternatively, enables the licensee to teach his system to act according to the roles that he decides for the management of his own business and the offer of services to his clients. It is an ongoing updating product, always staying open to allow limitless personalization possibilities.

After the launch of his iGaming business, how can a licensee be sure the technology of his software will be long-lasting with the passing of time?

The current options on the market are software providers proposing software and not a product. That is to say that the majority of today’s providers don’t have the necessary organisation and knowledge of how to build scalable products for the needs of each operator, and due to the lack of deep experience in the industry they can provide a short-term answer to licensee’s needs, without the required capability to keep the product updated with the passing of time.

In fact, long-lasting software technology needs specific requirements and for this reason Neuron Gaming has been conceived to be not just a technological platform but includes a structured process where our top tech team are further developing the software at the same time as it is deployed in the field, and where constant R&D anticipates future trends and consumer demand.

Our specialized Gaming division’s team maintain and update the technology of Neuron Gaming while also servicing the client needs in real-time. Neuron Gaming can be installed on the client’s server or as a SAAS (Software as a service), in both cases we update the platform every 3 months with a new release.

European legislation is going to strenghten the security concerns in the iGaming sector, how is BtoBet moving in this regard?

The application of security is a basis in iGaming and we are compliant also with those markets which are aware of the potential of the industry and strengthening their gaming regulations.

BtoBet is very diligent and careful to ensure data integrity and data protection for all clients and operators. Being an EU based company, we are making sure that the Neuron Gaming platform follows the regulations for data protection and are preparing the compliance with the new GDPR law that kicks in at the end of May 2018.

Working with a lot of providers, it is mandatory for our Gaming platform to prevent any exposure of our Operator’s data and this is why we work only with providers who are ISO 27000 certified; the Information Security Management Systems standard which enables organizations to ensure security in delivery and data protection.

BtoBet will showcase its advanced Neuron Gaming platform at ICE Totally Gaming, booth S1-320 from the 6th to the 8th February.

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