World Poker Fund Holdings secures $1.5m to develop cryptocurrency platform

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World Poker Fund Holdings (WPFH) has secured the investment to fund the development of its OPSTI™ cryptocurrency services and payment platform from Periodic Holdings.


WPFH will receive the $1.5m funds as pre-determined development milestones are reached, the company said.

OPSTI™ will include a cross-exchange currency management solution, consumer wallet services, as well as other on-line cryptocurrency payment services.

“We believe that OPSTI™ will become the standard platform for cryptocurrency exchange and trading across all markets and make cryptocurrency accessible to consumers in their everyday life,” Travis Kasper, WPFH chair, said.

It will also allow individuals and organisations a centralised service for the management of their cryptocurrency portfolio and the integration of a consumer-based wallet that enables the transformation of cryptocurrency for purchase of goods though fiat currency.

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