Comment: How playing the Danish way can keep the regulators at bay

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A cozy approach to slots provision may be the way forward for a gambling industry under increased regulatory scrutiny, according to Thomas Nielsen, head of game licensing at Magnet Gaming.


For many, Danes “Hygge” means warming bowls of porridge and candle-lit dinners, or anything that gives you a cozy feeling of contentment and well-being.

The word has become something of a phenomenon, spawning books and online discussions, as we all scramble for a comforting refuge away from the harsh headwinds of modern life.

At Magnet Gaming it has come to represent an approach to creating slots that have a friendlier feel than traditional games that make up the bulk of our industry.

As we see operators being handed record fines for CRM indiscretions and the regulatory spotlight being shone on activities more than ever before, it is arguably well-timed. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a place for highly volatile games, progressive Jackpots, and the sorts of risk and reward products that attract the devoted casino player across many markets.

I just think there is also room for casual gamers who prefer an entertainment first way of playing, and see spinning the reels in the same context as they would watch- ing their favourite soap or tuning in to the football after work.

Titles such as Fish Tank, Deep Blue, and our recent release Baking Day, are designed to be played as much for enjoyment as they are to win life-changing sums of money. Travelling, after all, can be just as much fun as arriving sometimes.

Low volatile slots, which consist of the same cutting-edge graphics and crystal-clear sounds, are perfect for casual gamblers, and lower stakes improve website traffic and retention.

Instead of watching a player lose their stake within half an hour and disappearing until they next have disposable income, Magnet prefers small stakes and longer sessions to ensure players have a rewarding experience.

This approach has been borne out by the impressive numbers generated on Spillehjornet, Danish national lottery Danske Spil’s microsite, which hosts a range of exclusive Magnet titles for these casual gamers to enjoy in the calmer waters away from more high- pressure offerings.

As well as our popular portfolio of slots, players can play a host territory- specific bespoke titles here, such as Treasure Coast.

By offering these low volatility slots and fun themes, players can enjoy both their gameplay and gambling experience.

As a result, we are seeing very high retention rates, with players returning again and again and spending steadily rather than erratically, as is often the case with high volatility games.

Interestingly, the games also appeal to a wider demographic, with a 50:50 split between male and female players, which will no doubt resonate with bingo operators.

With industry competition fiercer than ever, the lifetime of a customer is becoming more and more important to operators, and this softer approach can be a retention tool in its own right.

For too long some players have been left feeling shortchanged by their game play. Instead, it’s time to ensure they’re more fulfilled – and come away with that cozy feeling.


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