Wellbet Deal “excellent fit” with PSV’s sponsorship strategy

PSV Eindhoven sponsorship
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Dutch top football side PSV Eindhoven has signed a three-year sponsorship deal with Asian betting firm Wellbet.


“The partnership between PSV and Wellbet is a regional sponsorship that focuses entirely on Asia,” Koen van Haastert, sponsor manager at PSV said.

“Wellbet may employ its relationship with PSV in several Asian countries, including Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand.

“For Wellbet, it is strategically important to promote European football on its platforms. Its partnership with PSV fits well with this strategy. Wellbet, being an online operator, is obviously not active on the Dutch market. Hence, no PSV media channels will promote Wellbet’s services.

“This partnership is also an excellent fit with PSV’s broader sponsorship strategy, which aims to develop a strong international presence.

“We focus mainly on the Asian and Latin American markets (especially Mexico); and in particular on brands that may benefit from a connection with PSV in order to promote their products and services in their local markets. Our agreement with Wellbet is exemplary of that strategy.”


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