Football Whispers licences Stratagem’s global proprietary football analytics

BBi - Football whispers action
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London-based Stratagem Technologies has signed a partnership with sports technology company Football Whispers.


Using fundamental data supplied by a team of football experts based worldwide, Stratagem will supply Football Whispers proprietary football analysis across multiple leagues, globally.

“The quality and integrity of our data is absolutely essential to delivering the highest accuracy transfer predictions for our audiences,” Vivion Cox, CEO of Football Whispers said.

“Stratagem has a clear edge when it comes to data collection and processing which makes them the ideal partner for us.”

Claiming to be the world’s first global digital football transfer predictor, Football Whispers gives fans insights into the validity of transfer rumours with a uniquely developed Index Score.

Their algorithm scans millions of internet sources for the frequency of mentions, authority of sources and recency of the rumour to give an accurate likelihood of the transfer materialising.

Charles McGarraugh, CEO at Stratagem Technologies added: “Data is at the core of our business and essential to how we operate. Our network of highly trained analysts  allows us to analyse data to an extremely granular level and gives us a unique edge.

“Football Whispers has a reputation for innovation and excellence in the industry, so we are thrilled they have partnered with us.”

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