LeoVegas lands HBL partnership through Sportradar

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The German Handball Bundesliga (HBL) have started their 2017-2018 season with a new partner, Swedish gaming operator LeoVegas.com.


This multi-year partnership will see LeoVegas Sport branding appear across the HBL’s offline inventory, including courtside LED boards, floor stickers and interview backboards, but will also see the branding appear across the HBL’s digital assets, platforms and of course content solutions powered by Sportradar such as the online Matchcenter.

This deal saw Sportradar use its services and relationships to create a multi-faceted marketing partnership that will “bring heightened income and visibility for one of the top handball leagues in Europe, while delivering brand awareness and increased conversions for LeoVegas amongst passionate fans of German handball both within Germany and beyond,” Sportradar said in a statement.

Dominik Beier, Sportradar’s head of advertising & sponsorship sales said: “This is a natural extension of our existing suite of premium services to both betting operators and sports federations or leagues.

“We have built up trusted relationship with these groups over a number of years by delivering consistently high quality services.

“After developing other successful tie-ups for the likes of the German Basketball Bundesliga and Bayer Leverkusen, as well as others in Austria, it felt logical to continue helping betting operators identify opportunities that can help them meet their brand and marketing objectives.

“Whether it is awareness, visibility, customer acquisition, re-positioning etc, Sportradar is perfectly placed to see where those objectives align with our friends across the sports federation, league and club landscape”.

LeoVegas’ country manager for Germany, Tobias Scholz, added: “Germany is a really important growth market for us and therefore we needed to critically evaluate how we are spending our marketing and activation budget.

“This would ensure that we are effectively and efficiently hitting our objectives and getting the value that matters to us.”

“Speaking to the team at Sportradar, they were able to help guide us to federation and league options and then prioritise those options. What was really exciting was how Sportradar were able to develop a unique package that not only included a whole range of digital activation, but really creatively leveraged the HBL data and content solutions they have.”


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