Zitro marks 10-year anniversary with special Experience

BBi - Zitro Experience 2017
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Zitro Games has confirmed it will show its commitment to global growth at Zitro Experience 2017, the company’s annual event held in Mexico City.


Marking Zitro’s tenth anniversary, Zitro Experience 2017, will include a live show alongside the company’s product range in Mexico City.

Johnny Ortiz, president of Zitro, explained: “We have already announced that this year 2017 will be Zitro’s best year, and certainly the beginning of the year has exceeded all our expectations. We have deployed our Big Time games and systems in all continents where we operate, we have launched Bryke our new range of Video Slots in multiple markets in Latin America, Europe and Asia. But we have also continued to expand our offer of online games through various operators around the world and we have greatly enriched our range of social games. We could not be more proud of the work we have done in the first part of the year and the results that our new products have been obtaining.”

Discussing this year’s Zitro Experience, Johnny Ortiz continued: “But what we have done in the first part of the year is nothing compared to what we have prepared for the rest of the year, once we have presented to the world the renewed product offer that Zitro will present at Zitro Experience 2017. Innovation is the driving force of our growth and we will clearly put it on display in our spectacular SHOWTIME. New products, new services, new cabinets and revolutionary new concepts both for the video bingo market and the video slots market. All those attending Zitro Experience 2017, and later all our customers and friends and the market in general, will discover a new Zitro. No one could have even imagined that we would do so much in such a short space of time, since we decided to reinvent ourselves and become a leading company.”

Sebastián Salat, CEO of Zitro adds: “Zitro Experience 2017, to be held on June 28 at the Corona Forum in Mexico City, will be the undisputed evidence of Zitro’s determination and commitment to become a global leader in The gaming industry.”

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