eQube prescribes tablet to entire gaming industry

BBi - EQube Tablet
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The leading provider of electronic bingo software eQube, has developed a cure for live gaming operators seeking customer friendly ways to deliver new content, the eQube Hand Held Tablet.


The eQube Hand Held Tablet is the latest innovation from eQube providing live gaming with a customer friendly way to deliver attractive gaming content to their audience over and above the traditional Bingo, Betting or Casino products on offer.

eQube’s new device is available with either Windows or Android operating systems and already delivering Bingo and gaming content across North America with more than 15,000 units already in operation.

The company states that although originally designed to meet the needs of Bingo operators the device is already proving its versatility and the trend is now for the Tablets to deliver a wider range of content moving into non-core gaming environments such as Bars, Restaurants and Hotels.

The design philosophy has been driven by simple but critical values. And EQube CEO John Purcell commented: “We knew that a properly fit for purpose Handheld device was needed but having been unable to find anything suitable we took the strategic decision to source our own device. Partnered with an original equipment manufacturer in Taiwan to refine the Tablet, we followed certain key principles that we believe to be crucial.

“The device had to be robust enough, have exceptional battery life and be able to withstand the rigours of use across the world’s gaming floors. It must “do what it is asked to do” by a discerning, increasingly tech savvy, customer in all aspects of its operation. It must make commercial sense for Operators so we have had the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for the Operator at the centre of our thinking from day one. It must also be technically sophisticated enough to support content from all the world’s premier software and content providers. We firmly believe that the eQube GeckoPad Tablet emphatically delivers on all counts”

He continued: “We know from speaking to Customers on live gaming floors that they love the quality feel and player friendly ergonomics. Among the many features in the 10.1” Touchscreen are an optional programmable LED screen surrounding ‘Halo’ for visual effects, fully adjustable kick stand – that is held in place by a magnet when closed to ensure convenient and safe storage/charging, LED’s in the carrying handle that indicate the power and connectivity status of each device in rack or out on the floor, the contactless charging in purpose built, networkable and stackable charging crates”

In response to operators searching for a cost-effective, portable Tablet with a high-resolution screen which can run reliably for a substantial period of time between charges, Eqube believe that they now have the solution, “Simply keep taking the Tablets!”

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