SB Tech emphasise speed to market with omni journey sportsbook

Betting Business - SB Tech omni journey
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Having recently secured a number of major partnerships with operators throughout Europe, SB Tech showcased its Omni channel sports betting solution at ICE, as the company eyes entry into the Dutch market.


SB Tech’s stand at ICE conveyed a simple but powerful message: We Know Sports. And speaking with the company’s representatives and discovering the capabilities of its Omni channel betting solution and Chameleon360 platform, it’s clear that the company can back up this claim.

With a rich history in sports and trading, the company has honed its in-house trading service to create a fully managed sportsbook, now with seamless integration between land-based, online and mobile betting channels.

Ian Bradley, chief product officer at SB Tech, detailed how the company has grown into an award-winning sports betting solutions provider.

“One of the big things we’ve been working on is owning the whole life cycle, incorporating our retail solution with an Omni-channel journey,” he explained. “No other company has achieved comparable levels of success in the field. We’ve made a huge effort in terms of achieving seamless interactions across channels, whether that’s on mobile or an SSBT terminal in a retail outlet. In the UK, this means players can go to the bookmakers, go home, watch Soccer Saturday, and cash out on their mobile. We work off a single technology stack, a single account and a seamless wallet, which means we can transfer information across different channels quickly and easily.”

Many international operators have already joined SB Tech on its Omni journey, and the company’s schedule at ICE was fully booked with meetings with more potential partners.

Bradley added: “We are already live in Mexico with our retail solution, and recently signed with bet90 and Get’s Bet, who are going to take our full Omni-channel solution in Germany and Romania respectively. Thanks to deals such as these, we are currently gaining a lot of traction with operators, especially across Europe.”

Looking forward, Bradley sees continual improvement to betting products driven by player data, which SB Tech analyses and utilises with an array of different tools.

“Most of our products are data-driven, and personalisation enables us to understand the needs of the player in depth, in order to create truly customised experiences,” he explained. “That could be in terms of how they want the user interface to work, what sort of bets to recommend to them, as also the level and frequency of bonusing. We are sharply focused on knowing as much as possible about our customers, which allows us to build strong customer profiles. Operations such as risk monitoring, fraud detection and automatic liability management all derive naturally from that knowledge. It’s a very broad focus, and one that we’ll be expanding further throughout the year.”

As SB Tech continues to identify more ways to use data, the company will certainly be keeping an eye on the changing regulatory landscape. Bradley emphasised the importance of quick reflexes once a new market opens up, adding: “We try to be fast when entering regulated markets. In 2016 we launched with Bet.BT in Portugal, the second regulated operator in the country. Their GGR for 2017 is already on course to hit E100m.

“Whenever a new regulated market comes into play – such as the Dutch market, all being well – we aim to get in very early with a strong partner, so that we can maximise that initial traction and build a solid customer base.”

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