A Bet A app aims to bridge gap between online and retail

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Jason Hardman of bet management and display systems firm, A Bet A, explains how the new “Bet Builder” app can help retail operators venture into the lucrative yet often elusive world of online sports betting.


A Bet A unveiled its latest product at ICE 2017, Bet Builder, designed to help small to medium sized operators bridge the gap between the online and retail sectors.

The product allows customers to use their own device to log on to the retail operator’s interface, and if they have an account with that operator and the operator has a remote licence, they can place their bets through the account.

“Even if they don’t have an account, they can use the interface in the same way, look through all the rich data available to them – markets and prices etc – and what we call, ‘build their bet’,” says Jason Hardman, operations manager at A Bet A. “They can then go to a cashier and wave their phone over the terminal, and that’s where the transaction takes place.”

The advantages of the system are several. Firstly, it starts to remove the need for printing coupons, “of which we know there are 30-40 varieties on a biweekly basis” costing anything between 5 and 10p to print. “So lots of cost saving benefits there,” Hardman points out.

Secondly it affords “automatic translation” for the customer. Essentially it saves the bettor from standing in line, handwriting a slip, and the operators having to read their writing. “And it’s also just a nice way for customers to manage their own bets,” he adds.

From an operator’s perspective, they have total control over the prices and markets that they offer, all manageable from their own device, which updates all other devices instantaneously.

“You might be buying in data feeds, but you can override it, or even create your own markets on the system, perhaps for local sporting events.”

The system can be controlled in this way at the head office terminal level, making the product suitable for anyone ranging from a single site operator to a chain of up to 50 branches.

“It puts the control back in the bookmakers hands and that’s what we’re all about,” says Hardman. “Rather than give them a vanilla product, and they have to deal with the prices that they get, they can have complete control.”

Coming soon, A Bet A are developing an elaboration of the product that would enable operators to keep their clients betting in store long after they leave the premises. “We have a product on the road map for the international market where a customer can walk into an outlet, pay money for a voucher, then go home and use their voucher credit to place bets on their own device,” he adds.

“This way operators can activate their customer to become online customers. So It’s not just an operating tool but an acquisition tool as well.”

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