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Darren Moore, founder of the ambitious tips provider, Betting Gods, discusses sports, business and getting better at betting.


Just three years young and tipster firm Betting Gods is fast becoming a household name.

For company founder Darren Moore, breaking into what many perceive as an increasingly exclusive industry has taken every one of those one thousand days, and every penny of profit. Thankfully, delaying gratification appears to be paying off.

“We spent the first two years reinvesting everything we had into growing the business, and it’s only in the last six to eight months that it’s really taken off,” says Moore. “I’m now making more effort to get the brand out, sponsoring events and getting seen in publications.”

Moore’s business model is predominantly B2C. The Betting Gods membership subscription site offers tips and gambling advice to those interested in horse racing and football betting, with hits generated through organic or paid advertising. Yet 30 percent of all his sales come through affiliates, and other sites that pay to use his content.

“We come to the conferences for B2B stuff, to recruit affiliates that are ultimately going to promote us – whether its revenue share, CPL [cost per lead] or some sort of hybrid,” he adds.

“We might provide a preview to a football match, with our prediction at the end followed by a link saying: ’This content has been provided by Betting Gods – Click here to receive more tips’.”

Betting Gods paid out more than $140,000 in affiliates commissions in 2016, but asides from obvious incentive, affiliates, and of course his subscribers, benefit from credible professional content, provided by known probettors such as Quentin Franks.

“Franks has been a professional gambler for 10 to 12 years and makes a fortune,” Moore explains. “The money he gets from writing the tipster service is pocket money compared to what he’s making gambling professionally. So there’s a level of confidence there you won’t find anywhere else.”

“Our whole team of tipsters are pro gamblers, not just paid writers. And the tips are thoroughly researched and transparent.”

Moore’s patient and hyperpersonal approach to business appears to be affording the brand a niche above others offering similar services. “Competitors? We’ve outgrown one of them,” he recalls. “And they’re the only ones that use a similar model, with subscription-based tipster content.

“We’ve just made our content available in eight different languages, so we’re looking further afield now.”

Having traditionally been based in the UK, Moore feels sufficiently “familiar” with the markets there, but since moving operations to Malta the company has secured a wider range of partnerships, sponsorship deals and new avenues for growth.

“We’re now looking at the Italian football betting market and from there probably Spain. We’re also hopeful that the situation changes in the US. Hopefully betting will become more legal there, and so we’ll probably target that market, if and when it does.”

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