MRG Systems display why they’re a good bet

Betting Business - MRG Systems ICE
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MRG Systems continued its longheld presence at ICE, highlighting its Livespace display solution that can be seen everywhere from high street betting shops to, of all places, the Houses of Parliament.


The high street betting shop is an increasingly fastpaced arena, with customer faced with a wide angled array of odds, offers and opportunities from a breadth of sources.

Betting Business spoke to Ian Hunter, sales and marketing at MRG Systems, during the ICE extravaganza about how the company is aiming to capitalise on these options with its integrated screen solutions.

Already an established provider, MRG allows for the direct management of a large number of screens across premises, areas and markets as Hunter explains: “Of our biggest clients, when they have between 20 and 30 screens in their shops and they then have 1,800 or so shops, that’s a vast number of screens that all need to be managed, and require a system that is sophisticated enough to be competent in managing them.”

The focus of the solution, as far as Hunter is concerned, is to reduce the number of times there has to be a manual intervention into the display, and that an increase in automation can lead to a solution that is simpler, and potentially cheaper for the operator.

With no risk of resting on its laurels, the company is looking globally to bring its high-tech screen solutions to land based operators in established and emerging markets globally.

“What we are already bringing to the UK with Live- Space solution will give operators in new markets more than just a digital signage systems, but will give them a great range of capabilities. We think this is something that can match perfectly with the global sports betting arena, and we can provide some excellent screen management solutions.”

Hunter added that the company had already identified the Eastern European market as being of particular interest due to the abundance of land based retail premises and the burgeoning sports betting market in the area.

“With the growth of the sports betting industry worldwide there are needs for our form of solutions in many areas, although the need may not be for the level of sophistication required in the UK market.”

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