53 footballers reported for breaching betting rules

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The UK Gambling Commission has claimed that 53 footballers have been reported for breaching betting rules following an FOI request.


Pie-eating Roly Poly Goalies aside, 53 footballers have been reported for breaching betting rules over only an eighteen month period, according to the UK Gambling Commission.

An FOI request revealed that the Sports Betting Intelligence Unit (SBUI) received 53 reports of footballers placing bets on games between August 2014 (when the updated anti-corruption rule came into force) and December last year.

Former Fifa and Interpol adviser Chris Eaton said however, that only “naive or careless players” will be caught. Indeed the 53 figure only relates to those players who had placed bets using their own name and account – its does not include anyone who had placed bets using a friend or associate; or an offshore under-regulated or illegal bookmaker.

The Gambling Commission said it was looking into many more cases of alleged breaches, not only where a player had bet on game in which they were involved, meaning a significant number of players could soon face punishment.

“It is the best the Commission can do within its regulatory embrace,” Eaton added. “But it is the tip of an iceberg that stretches well beyond the horizons of the Commission. “In the absence of a global regulatory model, only naive or careless players will be caught in a tiny national net that is swamped in the massive global web that is sport betting.”

In the two months between October and December 2016, 38 percent of reports on betting activity in sport received by the Commission were related to football, with tennis second at 37 percent.

The new rule states that players cannot bet on any outcome of any game in their sport worldwide, not only those in which they are involved; this extends to betting on manager appointments and player transfers.

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