MediaLive reinvents the wheel in Virtual Reality

Betting Business - MediaLive VR Enada
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The first 360 live roulette game in virtual reality has been unveiled by MediaLive at the Enada exhibition in Rimini, Italy.


The live casino software provider, MediaLive, presented the first live roulette in the world using virtual reality at the ENADA exhibition in Rimini-Italy.

MediaLive claims its new technology allows players to experience a full 360 degrees experience of live casino games through an Oculus visor.

According to the company, players will face the roulette table and be able to move within the Medialive studios, thereby increasing the realism of the game.

Angelo De Gobbi, head of sales & marketing Medialivecasino, explains: “Our aim is to find innovative solutions to conquer a new target of players and thanks to virtual reality we can finally attract Millennials who until now were not very interested in live games. This solution also allows you to retain customers by offering them a VIP gift box already configured to be able to enjoy the new gaming experience. ”

Finally Angelo De Gobbi emphasizes: “In the case of live games, rather than virtual reality, it would be correct to speak of augmented reality, in fact there is nothing virtual, throughout the game experience is based on real elements.”

During the Rimini Fair, attendees were given the opportunity to try the Medialive visor at the Gamenet stand which dedicated an entire section of its booth to this new gaming solution.

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